Yanis Varoufakis

Yanis Varoufakis

Economics professor, quietly writing obscure academic texts for years, until thrust onto the public scene by Europe's inane handling of an inevitable crisis

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A Chronicle of a Lost Decade Foretold by Yanis Varoufakis @ProSyn 

European Oligarchy Has Banned Transfer of Wealth to Poor: Interviewed by Vijay Prashad

Invited by the Cambridge Union to speak to the post-Covid world, I delivered what I fear might prove an accurate assessment of our BLEAK TWENTIES from the perspective of...2030. My hope is that it will prove grossly inaccurate. My fear is that it won’t...

I am very much looking to tomorrow's discussion with leaders of Spain's small business community on the policies necessary to tackle the post-Covid19 Depression. Why not join us?

Today, the EC valiantly tried to portray a crushing defeat as a stupendous victory. Conjuring up 750bl via leveraged loan guarantees (provided by, mostly, bankrupt states), von der Leyen is hoping the public will lose interest before her package shrinks into macro-insignificance.

Oligarchy, Xenophobia, & Soul-Crushing Surveillance - Yanis Varoufakis Exposes The Dystopian 'Lost Decade’ Ahead

Socialising part of capital’s returns is one small step toward a postcapitalism worth fighting for. A small step, yes. But a crucial one.


21st century Europe: Execution in Malta of activist exposing tax cheats. Racism triumphing in Austria. And political arrests in Catalonia.

As an economist my assessment of Labour's 2019 Manifesto is simple: the measured, bold, well targeted, moderate response to the UK's need and capacities. My assessment as a citizen: A rare breath of fresh air!

Democracy deserved a boost in euro-related matters. We just delivered it. Let the people decide. (Funny how radical this concept sounds!)

No Constitution in whose name politicians are jailed for pursuing peacefully a political agenda can be democratic

I don't suppose an apology is pending from those who, for years, referred to Julian as 'rapist' and denied that the whole affair was about shoving him in a supermax US black hole for the crime of having exposed crimes against humanity committed in our name

Isn't it fascinating how, the same people who were until a few weeks ago saying there isn't enough money to invest in the green transition, suddenly divined trillions? Sure we must refloat the economy. But how about saving the planet immediately after the virus has been defeated?

And here you have it: Italy et al buckled. They accepted ESM loans that will lead to stringent austerity next year, pitiful EIB business loans, a pseudo-federal unemployment re-insurance scheme, plus a few crumbs of philanthropy. In return they committed to permanent depression

Julian is in custody for breaching bail conditions imposed over a warrant that was... rescinded. Anyone else would be fined & released. Except that JA's persecution is all about challenging our right to know about the crimes governments commit in our name.