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Ahhh bad quote attribution by a publication, Baldwin didn’t say it the DA did. Deleted my tweet.

Here’s my build back better plan for America 1) Yeet Facebook into the sun 2) Nuke Fox News 3) hot poker up OANN’s ass 4) legalize marijuana (sorry had to stick that in there) 5) steal underpants 6) ???? 7) PROFIT

Things I didn’t know about Frances Haugen: She moved to puerto Rico to live with her crypto friends, is that Brock Pierce? She takes money from Pierre Omidyar (Intercept). Lawrence Lessig, Joi Ito apologist and dubious dude, is her attorney and defender.

The level of treachery, fuckery, and deception is something else. You know who you are.

I do not trust Haugen as a good and clean actor.

By now you should have learned from Assange, Snowden. Sometimes the ones we call whistleblowers are in fact self interested bad actors who are not doing the United States any favors.


I want my non women friends to look at Elizabeth Warren’s trajectory and understand how fucking exhausted I am, every woman is, today. Exhausted. Climb every mountain, there’ll be a white man there already who took the lift, and gets the prize.

Matt Gaetz’s sexually predatory behavior was first reported on in 2017. It is 2021.

I told the @nytimes  everything. So did whistleblowers I was in touch with inside @MIT  and @edge . They printed none of the most damning truths. @Joi  is on the board of the NYT. THANK GOD FOR @RonanFarrow 

A gentle reminder that provoking racial conflict between Americans to weaken the US is a tactical goal the Russian military assault on our 2016 elections sought to achieve. And did. They’re doing the same right now. Trump is their surrogate, don’t forget.

Some pretty messed up shit in these Hunter Biden files

Greetings, newly minted power grid experts. Please take your seat next to the armchair epidemiologists and impeachment lawyers with brand new nonexistent law degrees

Removing children from parents is a form of genocide. That’s it. That’s the tweet. I covered a genocide trial in Guatemala for NPR. it’s genocide.

That was intense 3 weeks ago when Joe Biden’s Rolex assaulted the Capitol in a raging mob of rolexes and five people died

Just popping in to remind everyone Wikileaks’ Julian Assange is a stone cold anti-Semite. Once when he got mad about me not publishing smear documents on Adrian Lamo, he called me “worse than a Jew.”

COVID disinformation is biological warfare.