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CUTENESS ALERT: Greenville County deputies become babysitters for co-workers
College basketball star injured after Nike shoe blows out in incident that stunned spectators
American dream: An immigrant is retiring after decades of running his own business
Deputies asking for help finding vehicle that belonged to missing man who was killed
'Senseless tragedy': Man plows into family of 8, killing woman
VP Mike Pence tours opportunity zones with Sen. Tim Scott in Columbia
Syracuse basketball coach hit, killed pedestrian on highway, officials say
Will Graham gives exclusive interview a year after grandfather Rev. Billy Graham's death
Winter in Las Vegas? Rare weather brings snow angels, snowball fights
Woman’s father, brother confront her armed boyfriend after assault, pursuit

The Most Relevant

WYFF News 4 anchor Mike McCormick and WYFF News 4 photojournalist Aaron Smeltzer died Monday when a tree fell on their SUV. All of us at WYFF News 4 are grieving. We are a family.
Use the hashtag to tweet #voicesaveashland to SAVE HER!!!!!!
Justin Bieber gets killed in latest Zoolander film:
Emma Thompson was supposed to be talking about the new BBC production of "King Lear" that she's starring in.
She really, really did not want to talk about the Royal Wedding.
Guess she will not be donning a fascinator on Saturday:
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Want some inspiration? Here's the quote that led the Clemson Football Tigers to win the National Championship. It might work in your life, too!🏆🏈🐅🐯
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In case you missed it: Justin Bieber Stole the Show on ‘The Voice’
We want Dale to get as many Happy Birthday wishes as possible today - because we think he deserves it. Give him a ❤️ and RT!
We'll go first-- HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DALE!!🎉🎈🎁
HS custodian stole money from students’ book bags during National Walkout Day, sheriff says
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