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Ever dream about a final exam in a class you haven't attended all year? It's just one of my recurring #dreams. In the latest edition of "Tales from a Weathered Man" I share the interpretation, and confess some of my other dreams. Laugh if you have to.
I'm what you might call an "active dreamer," including talking, yelling and jumping out of bed. What do those #dreams mean? In the latest edition of "Tales from a Weathered Man," I try to interpret some of them and just let you laugh at the others.
20 years later do you still #dream about that final exam? That's just one of the recurring dreams I have had for decades. In the latest edition of my "Tales from a Weathered Man," I confess what some of my others are. Try not to laugh at me too much.
Did anyone else cry out “#TurnAroundDontDrown on that Kia Commercial on th #SuperBowl ?
What do you do when you have a whole TV #newscast to do & suddenly all your #video is gone? Read or listen to the disastrous story in the latest edition of "Tales from a Weathered Man." (Thank heaven YouTube wasn't around then!)
TV news is supposed to have pictures, right? In the latest edition of "Tales from a Weathered Man" I tell the story of the #newscast I was part of that contained (by accident) not a single picture. Thank heavens Youtube wasn’t around then. Read or listen:
The home of #SuperBowl53 is the "greenest" sports arena in the world. That's just one of the many things I learned from the builders of #MercedesBenzStadium when I hosted this podcast with them. Give a listen here: #SuperBowlLIII
Thank heavens this #cold outbreak won't last! #WarmMeUp
Wowzers, look at those #windchill temperatures! More #cold air coming through Thursday. Join @parkertwc and me tonight on @weatherchannel 9 pm-midnight. #Jayden
#Blizzard warnings in the N. Plains, #WinterStormWarnings in the South. Join @parkertwc and me for special coverage of our latest winter storm on @weatherchannel 5-8pm eastern tonight.

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The first #tornado related deaths in the US since May 16th, 2017 tonight in Logan County, Kentucky. 283 days since the last #tornadodeathdeath, a record. Photo from News Democrat & Leader.
NYC had its snowiest November day in 136 years with 6 inches. It's also the earliest one-day measurement of 6" on record. #Avery
How big is this winter storm? Right now, more than 1300 miles! #Diego
These #snow totals could change in between now and the weekend, but it's looking like it will impact a large area. #Harper
The eye of #HurricaneHermine now beginning to come ashore near St. Marks, FL. Official landfall soon.
Over four feet of snow since Christmas Eve? We'll show you the big "winners" in the Lake effect snow race. Join and me until 6pm eastern time today.
Great news! The #Kindle e-book version of this children's book by @climateguyw that I had a hand in creating is now at a new lower price.
Would you join me in helping a former colleague from The Weather Channel in need?Hear his story here:
The on-air tribute to Dave Schwartz this morning here:
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A wild weekend's ahead for the Northeast and for FLorida. Join @twcMariaLaRosa & me 3-6pm today on @weatherchannel
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