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Road conditions were a major concern when a semitruck crashed Sunday morning.

Turning snow into creative art this weekend? Check out these #snowcreatures  of 2002. And send us photos of your #snowmen  #snowwomen  and #snowart  ... we might use them on air. #Frosty 

A task force charged with keeping members informed on the church's future was set to meet Tuesday.

There were several winter activities set up around the dune, including snowshoe hiking with park rangers. People could also roast marshmallows for a warm treat and show off their snow sculpture skills.

Her next step is taking the “baby bar,” so-called because it's a one-day exam. If she passes, she plans to study for another three years and then take the California bar exam.

The outage happened midway through the performance, cutting off lights and music.

Wash your hands, not the chicken, and close the buffet after just two hours. Those are among the recommendations from the food safety experts as hosts prepare for Super Bowl parties.

Some Michigan lawmakers believe the federal government should open Isle Royale National Park to moose hunters.

In two weeks in Miami, they will play the winner of the NFC title game between the @packers  and the @49ers .


The floods in #Kalamazoo  have made for a city that's difficult to navigate, so these thrill seekers got...creative.

#Brrrr. Colder in Kalamazoo than in Alaska and Siberia...

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KDPS Police Chief confirms to Newschannel 3 that "a strong suspect" is in custody in fatal shootings. Live coverage:

BOX OFFICE NUMBERS: Nearly 14 years after the release of “The Incredibles,” Pixar’s beloved superhero family returned to the tune of $180 million; $70 million of that total came on Friday alone, matching the total of the original’s opening weekend.

“Pawfficer” Donut was sworn in by a judge during a ceremony for the special Feline Unit, which is meant to be used for therapeutic purposes and public appearances.