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Officials said the suspect took up to three Vermeer stump grinders that were next to the building.

"We're responding differently. The calls are different than they used to be. It's become a growing need we decided we will address with technology," he said.

Police are still searching for the suspect of the shooting.

Last year she gave over 35,000 diapers to families in need in West Michigan.

The test results will have "an important effect on changing the strategic position of (North Korea) once again in the near future."

Reddit said in a statement that it has banned 61 accounts suspected of violating policies against vote manipulation.

The league confirmed the fine Saturday, saying the team failed to properly update quarterback Matthew Stafford's status.

Footage of the incident shows a man get out of his seat and immediately start attacking the woman, trying to remove her from the wheelchair.

The Polish author complained of the “exhausting white noise of oceans of information” in the internet era.

“UPS, USPS, Amazon, FedEx Please take some goodies to enjoy on your route. Thank you for making holiday shopping easy," the note said.


The floods in #Kalamazoo  have made for a city that's difficult to navigate, so these thrill seekers got...creative.

#Brrrr. Colder in Kalamazoo than in Alaska and Siberia...

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BOX OFFICE NUMBERS: Nearly 14 years after the release of “The Incredibles,” Pixar’s beloved superhero family returned to the tune of $180 million; $70 million of that total came on Friday alone, matching the total of the original’s opening weekend.

KDPS Police Chief confirms to Newschannel 3 that "a strong suspect" is in custody in fatal shootings. Live coverage:

“Pawfficer” Donut was sworn in by a judge during a ceremony for the special Feline Unit, which is meant to be used for therapeutic purposes and public appearances.