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WND News
is michelle obama going to join the already packed 2020 democratic clown car and run for president herself whi
Is Michelle Obama going to join the already-packed 2020 Democratic clown car and run for president herself? While speculation is rampant, America's top political analyst says she will not pull the trigger on her candidacy IF ...

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Lynn Sweet
house of jordan is house of michelle obama tonight at iambecoming kickoff with oprah michelleobama
House of Jordan is House of #Michelle Obama tonight at #IAmBecoming kickoff with ⁦@Oprah⁩ ⁦@MichelleObama⁩
Live Trading News
president trump immediately cancels michelle obamas brand president trump
FRANCE 24 English
us president barack obama tears up as he thanks his wife michelle in emotional farewellspeech farewellobama
#US - President Barack #Obama tears up as he thanks his wife #Michelle in emotional #farewellspeech #FarewellObama
Arkatech Beatz
thank you obama michelle presidentobama farewelladdress president blacklove couplegoals
Financial Express
donaldtrump takes a swipe at michelle obama
#DonaldTrump takes a swipe at #Michelle Obama
Michael Short
she would beat him big time in an election michelle obama takes the fight to donald trump
she would beat him big time in an election - #Michelle #Obama takes the fight to Donald #Trump
Lynn Sweet
michelle obama flotus hits 2016 campaign trail for hillaryclinton the first time today in battleground virgini
#Michelle Obama @FLOTUS hits 2016 campaign trail for @hillaryclinton the first time today, in battleground Virginia.
Howard Fineman
dnc is about cutting hillary s bad numbers on trust amp likability michelle began bill took his turn obama nex
#DNC is about cutting #Hillary's bad numbers on trust & likability. #Michelle began, #Bill took his turn. #Obama next. It'll last all fall.
@MSN 2 years
gender race trump michelle obama went there
Gender, race, Trump: #michelle obama went there
Arab News
trump staffer apologizes for using michelle obama quotes in melania speech
#Trump staffer apologizes for using #Michelle Obama quotes in #Melania speech
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Tim Walker
barclay brothers pay johnson 270k to write for the telegraph and want no deal we taxpayers pay him 80k whose i
Barclay brothers pay Johnson £270k to write for the Telegraph and want no-deal. We taxpayers pay him £80k. Whose interests is he serving?
AFP news agency
breaking us president donald trump arrives in tokyo at the start of a four day state visit to japan
#BREAKING: US President Donald Trump arrives in Tokyo at the start of a four-day state visit to Japan
Sudhir Chaudhary
the more things change the more they remain the same another election lost another resignation offer and may i
The more things change, the more they remain the same. Another election lost, another resignation offer and may I predict another rejection. The Congress will once again go through the motions of requesting Rahul Gandhi to ‘save the party’! #familydrama #ragadarbari
congress chief rahul gandhi offers to resign in cwc meeting
Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi offers to resign in CWC Meeting.
@ANI_news 1 hour
delhi chief election commissioner sunil arora submits the list of winners of to president ram nath kovind
@ANI_news 1 hour
mp a congress worker bl sen shaved his head after losing a bet to a bjp worker in rajgarh he says we had a bet
MP: A Congress worker, BL Sen shaved his head after losing a bet to a BJP worker in Rajgarh. He says, "We had a bet that if Modi becomes PM, I'll shave my head & if Rahul Gandhi becomes PM, he (BJP worker) will shave his head. Now that my party has lost, I shaved my head."
SABC News Online
malema warns ramaphosa against including gordhan in cabinet
Malema warns Ramaphosa against including Gordhan in cabinet
@CNN 1 hour
amber wang took the hand of her new wife kristin huang in taipei taiwan friday making history as one of the fi
Amber Wang took the hand of her new wife, Kristin Huang, in Taipei, Taiwan, Friday, making history as one of the first same-sex couples to marry in Asia. Across the island of 24 million, the first gay and lesbian couples in Asia legally tied the knot.
and have traveled the world together and now their latest destination is in mesmerizing morocco
.@bernardokath and @imdanielpadilla have traveled the world together, and now their latest destination is in mesmerizing Morocco. | @NinaGunoI
India Today
in a tweet aimim chief said this is how muslims are treated by vigilantes created by modi voters welcome to a
In a tweet, AIMIM chief @asadowaisi said, "This is how Muslims are treated by Vigilantes created by Modi voters. Welcome to a New India."
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