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Had heaps of fun this week thanks for all your help Fed Court friends! @EmilyHWoo @lukehgomes
Justice Mordecai Bromberg has ruled that Michaelia Cash's former chief-of-staff Ben Davies will be forced to answer q in Federal Court about who told him police planned to raid the AWU.

Court has already heard Davies told Cash's media adviser who then leaked to the media.
The Fed Court case came after I wrote in Oct17 that Cash’s office had leaked to the media about AWU raids.

I also wrote that Keenan's office called a TV journalist to tip them off.

Despite AFP dropping its investigation, everything I reported was confirmed in court this week.
When asked if she told police that her staff member had leaked to the media, Michaelia Cash said "they did not ask ".
Michaelia Cash has finished giving evidence in the Federal Court.

Full wrap of what she said coming shortly.
Nothing lined up at this stage...

It's strange to think I might have to watch the election from the sidelines!
Cash said when she referred the AFP to her statements to Senate Estimates "they had no further questions".

She also told the court that after De Garis resigned she asked all her staff if they knew in advance about the raid. They all said no so she didn't make further inquiries
When asked if Cash told the AFP who from her office leaked to the media she told the court: "They did not ask".
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Liberal MP proposed to his partner Ryan during his same-sex marriage speech to the House of Reps. He said YES! 👬💍🌈
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Here's the 28 senators that just voted in favour of One Nation leader Pauline Hanson's "It is OK to be white" motion. List includes government ministers Mitch Fifield, Michaelia Cash, Simon Birmingham, Nigel Scullion (indigenous minister), Bridget McKenzie, Matt Canavan.
"As to government senators who walked in here like sheep yesterday to stand up behind One Nation and Ms Hanson, frankly, do you really deserve to be here? Who is running the government!"
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Within seconds of result a message from Dutton camp - “it is not over, fight continues, fuck Scott” #auspol #libspill
Michaelia Cash threatened to name young women "rumoured" about in Bill Shorten's office. Penny Wong heard, walked straight into the committee, and dropped a mic. 🔥🔥🔥
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Social services minister Christian Porter didn’t go to the final hearing of the child sexual abuse #RoyalCommission. He went to the cricket with John Howard instead.
Here's the video of Nationals senator Barry O'Sullivan saying he is declaring his gender "to be a woman" so the left-wing people can no longer "attack" him over his anti-abortion views.
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BREAKING: The Australian Federal Police has referred its investigation into the media leaks from Michaelia Cash's office to the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions office for possible criminal charges.
Latest investigation from me: Federal minister Alex Hawke has spent over half a million dollars of taxpayers' money on printing work done by one of his branch presidents, who also donates to the party.
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