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@Essma_Bechkoum £84 is the cost of a plan. £15 would be a domain only. So most likely you upgraded your site to one of our paid plans at some point. If you think there has been an error, please open a support ticket at so we can take a look.
@ExploitAgency The bottom ad does not obscure any content, but appears just below the content of the first post on a site. That's the original ad unit that has always been in use on free sites. The top banner ad is new, but can be collapsed by clicking the tab.
@C_Stroop It looks like it may be registered through or . If you have an account with either of those, please get in touch with them. Once the domain is working we can help on our end, too.
Build a community, teach the world, share your passions. #AnythingIsPossible (3/3)
Cole Shafer-Ray was runner up in the 2015 @ScrippsBee. Stumped by the word “acritarch,” Cole now shares his spelling passion with the world. (1/3)
Love is love, and we’re celebrating it in every form today. Happy Valentine’s Day!
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Aw thank you Desiree! I'll pass on your thanks :)
Our favorite four-letter word? Font. The right one can help express your personality and transform your website. Learn more about tackling typefaces plus four more “why didn’t I think of that?” tips from @WPDiscover:
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A tomato is never *just* a tomato—it’s a deeply personal and political statement about the world we want to live in. Learn more from WordPress user @ModFarm. #PoweredByWordPress

The Most Relevant

We’re proud to announce a 4,294,967,295 character count limit on all blog posts.
is teaming up with on a new platform @googlenewslabfo@lenfestinstr@Join_C@knightfdni@spiritedmediacov@fundjournalismil digital news startups:
Today, we are celebrating the WordPress 15th anniversary 🎉🎉 #wp15
WordPress is the world’s most popular web platform, and we’re proud to keep this community growing and thriving
Our CEO @photomatt told us we could leave the office… for good.

Hear the real story about the #FutureofWork with @TEDTalks, coming January 14!
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