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1/ Current sell-off in Treasuries (*my question is by whom) increases odds of yield curve control (YCC) where Fed buys 10 + 30yr Ts Historic foreign buyers (China esp) own 50% of Treasuries (around $7T) If China thinks US is monetizing its debt + dumping it on rest of world...

INCREDIBLE. Life really does find a way. Our oceans contain incredible undiscovered mystery. Bacteria in deep vents are performing photosynthesis—with no visible light. Only infrared!

3/ Rational capital allocators... rationally allocate capital can assess business value Based on incremental returns on incremental capital deployed which come from margin, profits, cash flow Stories and narratives matter And pumping stories clearly works today—until it doesnt

Wrong answers only. New stimulus gives $1,400 in direct payments to American making under $75,000 plus $1,400 for each of their dependents *What should they spend it on?*

3/ Japan was most recent to do YCC (but with bond market ~half the size of US) BTW the main difference of YCC vs QE? QE = targets how many bonds (a fixed $ amount) YCC = prices of bonds (maybe unlimited til a target yield) Only thing I know: More price distortions ahead.

1/ The single biggest thing I have changed my mind on— which feels completely contradictory + paradoxical to state (even, or especially, in my awareness of it) we do not have “free will”.

2/ We need to believe in it for morality and agency and justice. We “need” for a civil and evolvingly benevolent society to know INTENT when doling out punishment. But our justice system doesnt really ask where the INTENT came from—concatenated path dependence is too complex.


Physics is visually SATISFYING. Ice––on a trampoline.

WHOA. Stare at the cross for ~10 seconds. Your brain will make the colors disappear. (it's crazy. And it's called the Troxler effect––another clue how our minds filter reality)

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DO NOT LOSE SIGHT. (black) PROTESTORS (peacefully protesting injustice) stopping (white) RIOTER hackign cement to throw + create chaos––and teaming to turn him into police (justice). THIS must go viral. Please RT

GENIUS. Emotionally choreographed to historic price of Bitcoin. (Tip: put sound on)

Brilliant from NASA in 1965. And still true. “Man is the lowest-cost, 150lb, nonlinear, all-purpose computer system that can be mass-produced by unskilled labor.”

CAPTIVATING. The most clever Rube Goldberg way to have your cake--and eat it too.

"They had sent many subtle warnings to the humans...before they arrived" We'll make great pets.