At a Republican presidential debate in 2016, I asked : "If you don't get an actual check from the Mexican government for $8 billion or $10 billion or $12 billion, whatever it will cost, how are you going to make them pay for the wall?" Here's his response:

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Superdelegates are open to brokered convention to block Bernie Sanders from the Democratic nomination, The New York Times reports

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@CDCDirector  Dr. Robert Redfield and others testify on #coronavirus  before @HFACDemocrats @HouseForeignGOP GOP - LIVE on @cspanradioN3 '>C-SP @cspanradioN3 , & online here:

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As the novel coronavirus paralyzes large chunks of China's economy, another possible result from the outbreak could strike closer to home for many Americans: shortages of lifesaving medication.

Interested in this primary? Two stories ya must read @thomaskaplan  @katieglueck  on Biden and Super Tues > w the first big piec @llerer  @reidepsteinon  Superdelegates - and how they may try to stop Bernie >

Vice Pres. Mike Pence to coronavirus task force members: "The president has no higher priority than the health and safety of the American people." "Apart from our national defense, you are the first line of defense for the health of the American people."

“Today, people insult each other as if they were saying ‘Good Day.’”

Pai's response is laughable, and won’t stop companies from abusing Americans’ privacy the next time they can make a profit. From Facebook to Equifax, companies have shown nothing but contempt for consumer data, knowing they can write off fines as the cost of doing business.

The only way to truly protect Americans’ personal information is to pass strong privacy legislation like my Mind Your Own Business Act to put teeth into privacy laws and hold CEOs personally responsible for lying about protecting Americans’ privacy.