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@ThePlumLineGS @jayrosen_nyu @ReliableSources @brianstelter @ddale8 It would probably be helpful if the political press, especially the beltway journalists who frequent cable news, started directly and consistently calling out all of his lies. This is only hard to deal with because the press refuses to deal with it directly.
If your reaction to Trump's thugs forcibly separating their children from their parents is anything other than absolute horror and outrage, please find the nearest brick wall and do everything you can to put your face through it.
This morning's bedhead is back in its own house. https://t.co/c8CDWnX59M
...and then lost. Shame on all of us for allowing this to happen.
On #NationalMissingChildrenDay, remember the nearly 1500 immigrant children Trump's thugs forcibly separated from their parents, and then...
This morning's bedhead is brought to you by zero… https://t.co/GIQMOwvOqD
Welcome to America. It has been ZERO days since our last school shooting. #FucktheNRA
#Repost lilou_sfpig (get_repost)
Who knew?!… https://t.co/g6wPDOoad2
but but but wait i thought they were like super committed to the bill of rights
Chris, he is a white male billionaire, and according to the rules, we are all required to listen to every single thing he says.
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