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Good night, nerds.
It improved my day by 92%!
As I said before, I'm ahttps://t.co/KyYRI0iYzft ahttps://t.co/OJ6k9iMrtund as wilw. I'm itswilwheaton at Instagram and Facebook, and wilwheaton at Tumblr. I'm still around, if you care about that. I just won't be here. Thanks for listening, and be kind to each other. 🙂 6/end
I am not under any false impressions about this effort. It probably won't make a difference at all. But that doesn't mean it isn't worth trying, and it doesn't mean that our lives won't be improved by removing this toxicity from our lives, even if it's just temporary. 5/
I don't want to be part of what Twitter has become. I hope that if enough of us deactivate, whoever is leading Twitter (it sure as hell isn't Jack) will take meaningful steps to address and curtail the abuse, misinformation, and harassment that are currently its primary use. 4/
As I said yesterday: no judgment. If you're not into this effort, that's totally cool. Live your best life, and spend time here if it makes you happy. It doesn't make me happy, and I feel that Twitter, right now, does more harm than good. 2/
Early on, people like me helped Twitter grow and flourish. I'm proud of that, and I don't regret it. But Twitter has lost its way, because it has terrible leadership that tolerates and encourages bigotry, abuse, harassment, and the deliberate spreading of misinformation. 3/
Good night, nerds.
Us: Please enforce your TOS, and kick the Nazis off Twitter.
Twitter: We hear you. Now, HOW ABOUT ... we force you to see people you don't want to see in your timeline, instead?! WON'T THAT BE GREAT!
Us: No.
@MEPFuller His hands are, like, really tied. He just feels awful about it, and it's deeply troubling that he just can't do anything, because if he could, he TOTALLY would. That's what's so troubling about it.
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