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Barrelslayer. Time Lord. Fake geek girl. On a good day I am charming as fuck.

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@MEPFuller His hands are, like, really tied. He just feels awful about it, and it's deeply troubling that he just can't do anything, because if he could, he TOTALLY would. That's what's so troubling about it.
@MEPFuller And he's really, really, super duper, totally troubled. It's really important that you know how troubled he is. Shucks, he's so troubled, he just doesn't know what to do with himself. on account of how troubled he is.
I feel like it's implied, but just to be clear: live your best life! I #DeactiDayf isn't your jam, that's cool! No judgment! Do what makes you happy! I think most of you get that, but some replies are ... well, sort of supporting my reasons for leaving this network. So. Yeah.
Twitter is broken. You deserve better than an app that tolerates and welcomes the spreading of abuse and misinformation. Being part of this is not doing us any good. Personally, politically, socially. For a day, a week, forever: your call. It’s just a good time to go. #DeactiDay
This guy seems like a lot of fun.
Well I don't even BELIEVE in you, so there.
Good night, nerds.
"Wesley Crusher's fat Elvis years are in the Extended Universe" is a thing I just said to a bunch of my friends. So now you know.
Whatever he's doing, he certainly isn't getting any intelligence from it.
"It's okay ... artists are supposed to be a little different." - Bob Ross, reaching through time from the 80s, to validate me.
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