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Latest Scoops

@charliekirk11 Because in 2009 the U.S. government supported and legitimized a military coup in Honduras that led to extreme poverty, violence, and repression.https://t.co/PAzPBhkqMn
As further details of Saudi's kill team are revealed it appears likely, given its speed and composition, that it has killed before--and that it was only caught this time by pre-existing bugs. The case provides a trail to unravel other Saudi assassinations. https://t.co/cLRcuIiQXz
Comprehensive podcast on @julianassange poltical asylum with lawyer @suigenerisjen and former Ecuadorian Consul to London Fidel Narváez https://t.co/rikw1GAOMu
@jeremycorbyn @BellaMagnani The judge who moved to extradite Pinochet is WikiLeaks' General Counsel Baltasar Garzon. The Cameron/May government appointed, and paid for out of UK taxes, Pinochet's lawyer, Clair Montgommery, to lead the extradition-without-charge case against Assange.https://t.co/SPFtyvhdzV
Spain expels Flemmish envoy for saying that Spain is "incapable of meeting the conditions to form part of a democratic Europe" because it has "political prisoners" #Catalonia https://t.co/h1ts6NtwrT
The images are recycled from another incident predating the #JamalKhashoggi killing. Informer's "world exclusive", is fake news.
Saudi admits #Khashoggi was killed in consulate after previous denials. Saudi now claims he was killed "by accident" in a "fight". Turkish officials say Saudi brought a 15 person kill team equipped with a bone saw, cut off his fingers, dismembered him and made a 'snuff' video.https://t.co/j4SaaHMojo
@KenRoth Both in the Kashoggi and Skripal cases there are important opportunities to discover other assassinations or kidnappings based on the details that have emerged, as was previously done for CIA renditions discovered under the Bush administration.https://t.co/cLRcuIiQXz
JUST NOW: Image from press conference in Quito wit @wikileaksh ' General Counsel Baltasar Garzón and Ecuadorian lawyer Carlos Poveda (right of table)
Statement: WikiLeaks publisher @julianassange launches case against his continued gagging, duress https://t.co/uVQbYRlth1
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