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Latest Scoops

Artificial intelligence pioneer calls for the breakup of Big Tech
US Consul in Barcelona also denies the existence of 'CIA' Barcelona ISIS warning [which @WikiLeaks assessed as fake] https://t.co/2MsaAcwHny
Cartoon ship filled with riot police and paramilitary docked in Barcelona. Ships "Moby Dada" & "Rhapsody" are part of Spain's offensive.
#Catalonia takes Spain's "siege" of its Oct 1 vote to DC with article by its pres @KRLS in the Washington Post. #1o https://t.co/Bma4hDvlge
Are you being watched? #FinFisher government spy tool found hiding as WhatsApp and Skype https://t.co/KyKFkQ86Cw #FinSpy #FinISP
Spanish "armada" of three riot police rented GMV cruise ships berthing > 5000 has docked i(2/3) in Barcelona's port https://t.co/Bncs2OQ1kX
Classified US embassy cable: Paul Manafort contact Oleg Deripaska is "among the 2-3 oligarchs Putin turns to on a regular basis."
Spain's attack on Catalonia has now spilled over to 100,000 domain names as it raids national domain registrar https://t.co/E0bSatSJK2
Spain's crackdown against the Oct 1 Catalonian independence vote is rooted in its history of language apartheid https://t.co/P7IU3sr2dx
@WIRED Wired is owned by US oligarch Samuel Newhouse who is a major Clinton donor but that's no excuse for failing basic journalistic standards.
Useful news aggregator (English, German, French, Spanish) for Catalan referendum by @Diplocat (tilts pro-vote): https://t.co/EBS6XSfWzT
Reuters: Spain raids Catalan govt offices, arrests minister, seizes ballots, etc. in attempt to crush Oct 1 vote https://t.co/x0LGduUzcQ
RELEASE: Russian mass surveillance system PETER-SERVICE: "the most lucrative business of manipulating minds" https://t.co/MI4GBGrIGU
Repubblica: WikiLeaks, così Mosca controlla web e telefoni
RELEASE: Spy Files #Russia: PETER SERVICE https://t.co/MI4GBGrIGU #SORM #FSB sotrm.j
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