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Latest Scoops

Full doc: DoJ indictment against 12 alleged Russian intelligence officers claimed to be behind "DCLeaks" and "Guccifer2.0" (PDF, 29pp) #RussiaGate https://t.co/lOlXC7SDjx
Interesting timing choice by DoJ today (right before Trump-Putin meet), announcing indictments against 12 alleged Russian intelligence officers for allegedly releasing info through DCLeaks and Guccifer 2.0
Pincus v. Assange: Who Speaks for You?

Inteligencia de EU investigó a #AMLO https://t.co/C51r43ORth
Interview with @JulianAssange legal advisor Stella Morris on the filing https://t.co/SqnIVgEoIO
PDF the court's press release (English) https://t.co/FenHan8Wng
Huge win today at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights for @julianassange and the safe processing of refugees in embassies and other diplomatic compounds. In particular see from paragraph 194 onwards.

Judgement: https://t.co/EA7mEDriKR
Background: https://t.co/SF7zl5R3VH
@JacksonLeeTX18 @HouseJudDems @HouseDemocrats This is false. @wikileaks told him nothing whatsoever about our pending publications--including the timing. Like hundreds of others he asked and was ignored.
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