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Chuck Bluestein

Doing #yoga since age 12! Read a lot about health & related fields. Chemist. Education instead of medication. Meditation. Earth friendly stocks.

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Question on @Quora : Is the planet #Jupiter  twice as massive as all the other #planets  combined?

This is about the incredible union of the finite & the infinite that is #you . You get to feel the Divine that resides in you."► …◄9 minutes to hear how incredible you are! The is free since if it h #meditationd  a cost, you could not afford it.

What major improvements in the country have U.S. #presidents  made? For example if Bernie Sanders makes colleges free like high school is free, wouldn't that be a major improvement? #Bernie2020 

How Much Vitamin D Should You Take Daily►◄This is very important since most are deficient. The Journal of the Am #VitaminDrican  Medical Association (JAMA) says that 77% of Americans are deficient in vitamin D or have a vitamin D insufficiency. #vitamins 

Did Charles Dow and Edward Jones start a modest financial reporting firm in November of 1882 and today, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is named after them? #DowJonesIndustrialAverage  #StockMarket 

Great Foods That Lower #HighBloodPressure ► includes #beets , orange juice, pomegranate juice and more.

What is your favorite #supplement  or supplements to take to keep you #healthy  and younger?►

Question on @Quora : When the #Earth  first formed was a day only 6 hours long since the #planet  spun much faster?


New Way To Cook Rice Due To #Arsenic  Levels► is extremely important information to anyone who eats #rice .

How to Avoid the Flu & Colds►◄See video by Dr. Greger MD to show that eating more fruits & vegetables makes a big difference. Video by Dr. Prendergast that vitamin D improv #MDs  immune function 4 times! I have not had a cold or in 15 years. #flu 

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Many Health Benefits of Yoga► ◄See amazing story of disabled vet who did yoga & though it was hard & almost futile, he kept trying. New information on from Harvard School! #yogaSee  4 minute #Medicalideo  below. … See change!

I adore love songs. This may be my favorite one ever!►◄This song goes out to Alexis. She is and you can read her #giftedreat  here and ask question #advice . She is a medical doctor (M.D.) and loves to help people.

How to Get Rich With #Tesla  #Stock ► an easy way to buy stocks for beginners & how to buy less than a share.

Tony Tig's Song for the Political Revolution with Bernie #Sanders . Maybe #music  can reach the heart because the mind can be a tough thing to reach. Listen to hip-hop artist who says his dad would be alive today if we had Medicare for All►◄

Why Take the Supplement called Chlorella►◄Much more chlorophyll than any other food. The in food is much more #chlorophyllmportant  for excess than anything else. I #WeightLoss  is also the best body purifier of toxins. Japan's most popular supplement!

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According to medical journal Lancet over 10,000 newborn babies in Finland were given 2,000 IU of vitamin D daily and it reduced type 1 diabetes by 85%. Why is RDA of vitamin D in Finland for babies now 400 IU? See video about this! #VitaminD  #Type1Diabetes 

#Bernie2020 Sanders 5 Amazing Victories. 12 minute video. 1. He got veteran's bill passed. 2. Got the Fed to be more transparent. 3. Got richest man to stop his ALMOST slave labor. #Republican  Senator Mike Lee says "I'm feeling the bern!" @GottaBernNow