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Remember when you thought there were airports in 1776?

@realDonaldTrump  ooooh how does it work, Doctor Dildo? Does the virus go in a person cuz it sees them getting a test cuz it loves attention, huh, you mosquito larva fart socket polyp?


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Happy Birthday@pineappleO  !!!! 💥💙💥💜🥦💙💥💜🥦💙💥💙🥦💜💥🥂

@elonmusk  Human systems (capitalism, communism)...they fail when they lack oppositional incentive. They both corrupt if unchecked. The well-to-do in either system fail to notice those corruptions because they benefit from them, until the rubber band snaps.

@realDonaldTrump  @CNNIKR ....Your message was swift & swepian you know that sweeping, it was swift & it was sweeping like nobody’s ever seen anything that happened.

Wow...all that from some pics huh? Now do these people.

You need to call it Trump Virus. It’s the Trump Virus. You killed 130,000 people you rancid little Lyme tick.


Dear Directioner people...you are the finest batch of maniac weirdos I've ever fallen in love with. The End.

@Michael5SOS jet black heart dude

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Wednesday March 25 2015. Heartbreak raining down my TL.

are you guys ok? *hugs all of you*

Just need to say cuz a lot of u are asking... I would be honored & happy to have @onedirection  cover Teenage Dirtbag in the studio.

@5secsofsummer np thanks for playing our song...if you ever wanna write stadium rock about dinosaurs and love just dm :) safe travels!

life is long... their book is not written yet.

wait is another 1/5 no longer a teenage dirtbag tomorrow?

homophobia is the ugliest kind of jealousy. #evil 

Drag Me Down is awesome. Reminds me of The Police ...Walking On The Moon & Don't Stand So Close To Me...hits me right in my heart socket