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Here's why having more women in government is good for your health #health #politics
Here's why having more women in government is good for your health #health #politics

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When a liberal like Jussie cries wolf and fakes an attack he receives unmatched coverage, sympathy & support creating a tsunami of attention. When a conservative student literally gets punched in the face and it’s caught on video it barely makes a ripple.
Trump tweeted that he had ordered FEMA to stop giving aid to California disaster victims unless the state changed its forest practices. After a freedom of information request turned up no records, FEMA acknowledged today that it never got any order.
Anyone think @realDonaldTrump would get the same treatment or even any benefit of the doubt?

FBI’s top lawyer believed Hillary Clinton should face charges, but was talked out of it.
Patagonia’s Billionaire Founder To Give Away The Millions His Company Saved From Trump's Tax Cuts To Save The Planet
Love American entrepreneurship. Well done buddy!
Benton Stevens of Austin sells hot chocolate for border wall money
1,020 hate groups are now active in the U.S., an all-time high, according to @splcenter
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#TimesMegaPoll: 83% say Modi-led government is most likely outcome after 2019 general election
That said, I still only own 0.25 BTC, which a friend sent me several years ago. Don’t have any crypto holdings.
There are only two women at the table for US-China trade talks. They are the interpreters.

The book’s not released until May 14th, but there is a way to get a free early copy. All you need is a @goodreads account (it’s free) & this link to enter!
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It's easy to get confused by health care terms, but we're here to help. Take a look at our guide for helpful hints on your #deductible: Why did u come here tonight, to be entertained, right? well believe me no one can do it better A little party ain't never hurt nobody Ok don't forget to send me a tweet tell me how good it was so i can it better next time. Men make sure to wear your shades
Because physicians often set the cultural tone of the hospital, it’s worth considering barriers to health care professionals’ “psychological safety” for which we’re largely responsible. Why doesn’t it always feel like everyone caring for a patient is on the same team?
Not every health care organization is a “health system.” Here’s why
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