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#WinterStormQuiana is becoming a multi-faceted winter storm that will expand blizzard conditions to the Midwest this evening, then be a big wind maker across the Great Lakes and Northeast into Sunday. Details:
NEW: A #tornado watch has been issued for parts of Alabama and Middle Tennessee until 10 pm CST. #Tornadoes, wind gusts up to 70 mph and large hail are all possible.
NEW: A tornado watch has been issued for parts of Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee and Louisiana through 8 pm CT. Several strong tornadoes, wind gusts up to 75 mph and large hail are possible.
Severe thunderstorms and heavy rain will be moving into western Tennessee, including the Memphis metro area over the next hour or so. Gusty winds and flooding are likely in these storms.
More #snow is ahead for the Pacific Northwest into early week, including in Portland:
#WinterStormQuiana will hammer the Plains with #blizzard conditions and the Great Lakes and East with high winds:
Significant #flooding and widespread #severe weather, including strong #tornadoes, are likely in the South, Ohio Valley on Saturday:
The latest update to the March temperature outlook is here - cooler pattern expected to continue in the West:
"A potential for long-track significant tornadoes will exist" -NOAA's Storm Prediction Center.

Widespread severe thunderstorms are now expected later today. Forecast and timing:
The Plains and Midwest will likely see #blizzard conditions on Saturday while much of the Mississippi Valley can expect gusty winds. The #WinterStormQuiana forecast:

The Most Relevant

Note to : Earth Is Not Cooling, Climate Change Is Real and Stop Using Our Video to Mislead Americans
Storm surge will be a huge factor for Hurricane #Florence Check out what it might look like with @TWCErikaNavarro:
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An 8.0 magnitude earthquake has occurred just south of the Mexico. Tsunami waves possible within the next 3 hours along the coast of Mexico
1) There is a difference between #weather and #climate.
2) Short-term #cold snaps will continue to occur in a warming climate.
3) 2017 will likely be a top three warmest year on record for the globe.
(Graphic: Univ. of Maine - Climate Change Institute)
[Thread] Water comes slowly at first. Skies open up in the afternoon now. People start avoiding certain streets at high tide. The nuisances pile up. Houses get raised, then raised again. Insurance people are talking about “repetitive loss properties.” Homeowners are worrying.
BREAKING: #Irma becomes a Category 5 #hurricane with 175 mph maximum sustained winds.
BREAKING: Magnitude 8.0 #earthquake struck 175 miles southeast of Kodiak, AK at 1:32a.m. PST. #Tsunami warnings issued from British Columbia to the Aleutian Islands. Tsunami watch for U.S. West Coast, #Hawaii.
Hurricane Irma is now a category 5. Watch The Weather Channel now for Live Coverage and the latest track for Florida.
JUST IN: Hurricane #Maria is now a Category 5 with 160 mph winds as it closes in on Dominica.
America's northernmost town, Utqiaġvik, Alaska – formerly known as Barrow – will descend into 65 days of darkness after Sunday's sunset:
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