Analysis: The grim, unmentioned downside of the employment records Trump is hyping

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REPORTER: "Just in this room, you have dozens of people who are not following the guidelines..." TRUMP: "It's a peaceful protest"

🗣️ Black trans people have a right to live and thrive.

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Yes -- it’s the weekend. No -- that doesn’t mean #COVID19  has gone away.

Tucker Carlson just cut away from Trump's press conference. He says Fox will return to it "as news warrants."

Opinion: Trump’s own intelligence officials just undercut efforts to smear Joe Biden

Sen. Rick Scott: "The problem you have with the Democrats is they don't want to do anything."

Trump says the guests at his club don’t have to wear masks because attending his news conference is "political activity” or “peaceful protest” of the media.

The Postal Service has informed states that they’ll need to pay first-class 55-cent postage to mail ballots to voters, rather than the normal 20-cent bulk rate. That nearly triples the per-ballot cost.