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No election justice, no election peace. Full stop.

Pres Trump in this 46 minute video he just released says this might be the most important speech he has ever given. What's clear is that it might be one of his most dishonest speeches he's ever given. He's making baseless claims that courts, the AG & DHS have said didn't happen.

White House hosting indoor holiday parties despite warnings from top health officials.

“Where was this outcry of being concerned about violence and intimidation when it was being directed toward witnesses?” @brandopolitics  tells Newsmax TV. “These people are being threatened.”

THIS TIMES A MILLION: "THERE SHOULD NOT BE A RUN-OFF, CERTAINLY NOT ON DOMINION MACHINES." "Georgians should make it known that you will not vote at all until your vote is secure. And I mean that regardless of party." @SidneyPowell1  #StopTheSteal  Huge roar from crowd. Big.

@realDonaldTrump  DEMANDS repeal of Section 230 liability shield for 'big tech'

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A prominent law enforcement training group is promoting a lengthy research document riddled with falsehoods and conspiracies that urges local police to treat Black Lives Matter activists as terrorists plotting a violent revolution.

@GordonGChang  comments on CNN reporting China's pandemic numbers. “They knew it was highly transmissible from one person to the next. It shows mal-intent on the part of Chinese leaders.”