Perspective: The Berlin Wall’s fall shaped a generation of U.S. diplomats. Trump upends that.

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@andersoncooper : The first televised day of House impeachment hearings is in now in the books. It ends with President Trump potentially more personally tied with alleged efforts to squeeze Ukraine for help against political rival Joe Biden.

Russia & China to launch joint venture for constructing metros worldwide

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Grand Rapids will pay $190,000 to a Latino American war veteran who was wrongfully detained by federal immigration officials.

@NBCNews  FWIW, my “analysis”: What we don’t need: a journalist’s guess about “how this played.” What we do need: reportage of who said what, how it was backed up, what was new, how it matches the records and the law.

A normal day in Russia: Tiger wanders the streets of Vostok village

It blows my mind that HRC, Bloomberg, Deval and others who are considering getting in now don’t see how that only helps Trump. 75% of DEM VOTERS are satisfied w the field. All this donor-driven anxiety just telegraphs weakness. Dem voters are consolidating. STOP.

Supreme Court refers to larger bench, the review petitions against the verdict allowing entry of women of all age groups in the #SabarimalaTemple .

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"Both Kent and Taylor appeared to have travelled to the hearing in a time machine from America’s recent past. They oozed rectitude and establishment expertise as they recounted their amazement and dismay at discovering Trump’s plot." @sbg1 ⁩

@realDonaldTrump  @JoeBiden4  @RepAdamSchiff1 / In her testimony, Fiona Hill said the words "conspiracy theory " at least twice, and at one point specifically mentions George Soros.