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Defying a police ban and increasingly vehement warnings from the Chinese government, a sea of protesters marched through pouring rain in Hong Kong on Sunday. It was the movement's biggest rally in weeks.

How many crimes can one #CROOKEDPRESIDENT  get away with? ✔️Bribery ✔️Sexual assault ✔️Charity fraud ✔️Tax fraud ✔️Bank fraud ✔️Insurance fraud ✔️Conflicts of interest ✔️Emoluments violations ✔️Money laundering ✔️Campaign finance violations ✔️Obstruction ✔️Stochastic Terrorism

Union Home Minister Amit Shah: Even today, Congress has no shame, they say they are in favour of triple talaq & it should stay. Why? They have no answer. They didn't give a single justification for their stand & argued just to register protest so their vote bank stays intact.

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UK to end freedom of movement for EU citizens on day one of Brexit

Youth unemployment rate. South Africa: 56.4% Greece: 39.6% Nigeria: 36.5% Spain: 32.4% Algeria: 29.1% Iran: 28.3% Italy: 28.1% Turkey: 25.2% France: 20.1% Sweden: 16.4% Australia: 12% Canada: 11.4% UK: 11% S Korea: 10.5% US: 8.5% Netherlands: 6.5% Germany: 5.5% Japan: 3.8%

Hong Kong's Victoria Park filled with protesters today in the latest anti-government rally

"Obama Avenue would serve a dual purpose…The man who rose to fame by spraying his name on everything imaginable…would find that every letter that hits his desk includes the name of the man he slandered to gain office" | Michael D'Antonio for @CNNOpinion 

In the 1930s, Filipinos were targeted with violence by white men who accused them of taking U.S. jobs. For Denise Guerra –– a second-generation Filipino American –– that history is key to making sense of a long-held family secret: her grandfather's story.

‘I’m a nurse, what are you?’ — Watch this lawmaker shut down a Republican who claimed to remember his birth while arguing a near-total abortion ban in Tennessee

Another jawdropping report from @MiamiHerald  on Jeffrey Epstein's cushy privileges in the Palm Beach County lock-up. It begins by asking the question: Why was he allowed to purchase small women’s panties from the jail?

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