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Judge in Spain orders Salvador Dalí’s body exhumed for paternity test https://t.co/tUFeTCCagA
Analysis: The Senate’s health-care bill is going to be a politically difficult sell, in four charts https://t.co/uLVv9VZjUD
Jewish marchers say they were kicked out of a rally for inclusiveness because of their beliefs https://t.co/wwkAUxbqLX
20 years ago today, we discovered a magical world. Read our original review of the first Harry Potter book. https://t.co/WV4lyfFDQh
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Analysis: Three numbers to understand the CBO report on Senate Republicans’ health-care bill https://t.co/xX2IAcFJIh
Soot from wildfires can melt glaciers over a thousand miles away, scientists find https://t.co/OGh9xhWyCz
Russia says extremists planned deadly bombing using encrypted chat app https://t.co/sP3g2Ono4u
FBI has questioned Trump campaign adviser Carter Page at length in Russia probe https://t.co/kicQNcfPhr
Make the ice cream sandwich of your dreams — only assembly required https://t.co/Npe5hShr26
The Great Barrier Reef is literally a treasure. It’s worth $42 billion. https://t.co/naXaMMPOdh
Here is the PDF of the CBO report on the Senate health-care bill https://t.co/87wSa9tGMX
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