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Latest Scoops

Perspective: Donald Trump isn’t the first to give fast-food the presidential seal of approval https://t.co/VpzONbbhuQ
Analysis: In U.S. and Britain, a permanent sense of crisis https://t.co/GvYahFseXu
Deadly Syria attack deepens anxiety about Trump’s drawdown plan https://t.co/LEQF5SxD03
Perspective: Denzel should get an Oscar nomination. He won’t, but here are more films and actors that deserve recognition. https://t.co/6izjyKQ8Hf
"The risks of a recession are rising — and Trump might be to blame" https://t.co/pERYfnPcaL via @postopinions
Trump reportedly told Michael Cohen to lie. His own attorney general pick testified that’s a crime. https://t.co/Yavd9O4017
Shaun King threatens to sue activists who accused him on Twitter of mishandling fundraisers https://t.co/9eDGzeolWp
Would calling for murder get Trump banned from Twitter? CEO Jack Dorsey won’t say. https://t.co/gAUF7bPntD
Pantene’s new model is a year old and has better hair than all of us https://t.co/pVWPIeUlGm
Democrats demand investigation after report that Trump ordered Michael Cohen to lie to Congress https://t.co/3x23f8uKWY
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