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Latest Scoops

70 cats and a rabbit rescued in "animal welfare" case in Maryland https://t.co/der38AHkJ9
Analysis: Carter Page FISA warrants underscore the difficulty of disproving presidential falsehoods https://t.co/ivo2Q8iA8g
Perspective: The Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandals show it has a gay priest problem – they’re trapped in the closet. https://t.co/3InNXI888d
A new father was fatally shot after confronting a man who hurled the n-word at his friend, police say https://t.co/ypVclgl1Ln
India, which has long focused on student success, now offers "happiness" classes https://t.co/N1uSYVs5q8
Comey cautions Democrats against "socialist left." Democrats pounce. https://t.co/KG1c78Ecsg
Opinion: These 3 advantages once ensured U.S. prosperity. They’re not coming back. https://t.co/GkhiJJQ1Vn
Trump creates a summer of discontent for Republican candidates https://t.co/xeV4KrrGCI
3-year-old boy deliberately attacked with acid in British supermarket; suspects arrested https://t.co/kBOh0AP75o
Sacha Baron Cohen target: Georgia lawmaker shows world how baring buttocks terrifies terrorists https://t.co/uSR9G8TWrV
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