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Latest Scoops

In bid for House speaker, Pelosi plays to women, McCarthy seeks Trump’s nod https://t.co/CZTbNSF3vQ
Analysis: In "A Star Is Born," Ally stayed with Jack. But with addicts, that’s not always the answer. https://t.co/EaRMfXK9nK
Trump acknowledges Ronny Jackson might not have been qualified to lead VA https://t.co/W9rQ1XKLzU
Opinion: Saudi ministers are harassing critics on Twitter https://t.co/OYwEv7V9CY
Analysis: Which state legislatures might go blue this fall https://t.co/qG3bYjahCd
Trump administration set to expand religious exemptions to birth control coverage https://t.co/aUGegBhE0B
Justice Dept. charges Russian woman for her alleged role in a conspiracy to interfere in the 2018 midterm elections https://t.co/J2mkHqJq4f
Analysis: Nikki Haley joins a growing list of Trump officials who criticize Trump on their way out the door https://t.co/r2WSojZi77
Perspective: "More like a festival."

How classical competitions are reinventing themselves. https://t.co/96t26j4kmz
Office of the Director of National Intelligence says it is 'concerned' about foreign influence campaigns in 2018 and 2020 elections https://t.co/J2mkHqJq4f
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