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Injured Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry will begin modified team practices on Saturday. https://t.co/JUh1ynCIty
#Warriors’ Stephen Curry ruled out for another week https://t.co/GHuOn2jihB via @sfchronicle
#Warriors guard Stephen Curry has officially been ruled out another week and is set to be re-evaluated again on April 27.

According to the NBA, if first round playoff series are completed in 6 games or less, the conference semifinals may move up to begin on either Saturday, April 28 or Sunday, April 29. Stephen Curry will be re-evaluated in 1 week before a possible early Game 1 in the second round.
Warriors say Stephen Curry (Grade 2 left MCL sprain) continues to make consistent functional progress and will participate in modified team practices tomorrow and the intensity of his on-court rehabilitation will continue to increase. He will be re-evaluated again in one week.
Stephen Curry is "on schedule" but still not close to returning, reports @ThompsonScribe https://t.co/DCsHILMSBI
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