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  3. president trump's businesses don’t seem too concerned about “america first."
President Trump's businesses don’t seem too concerned about “America First." https://t.co/vCiqF9x11Q
President Trump's businesses don’t seem too concerned about “America First.' https://t.co/vCiqF9x11Q


It may seem odd to attack an adversary for being like a dog, since many Americans love dogs. But Trump, an avowed germaphobe, has long had an aversion to dogs. He's the first modern president not to have a dog — or any pet — in the White Househttps://t.co/1mWXNnXwJs.
“I’ve looked at some of the history books that youngsters are taught today. There’s a lot of criticism of the way America liberated Europe... I’m concerned, my friends, about the fact that kids don’t even know why we went to war." —@OliverNorthFNC
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Yesterday President Trump signed the #FY19NDAA. @JJCarafano joined CNN to talk about the increase in America's defense spending—and what impact it will have on our standing in the world. https://t.co/dx5nyTwhVE
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