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Elon Musk doesn’t know how journalism works — but thinks he can fix it https://t.co/XdpgyAIou7
Eight women have alleged sexual harassment and “inappropriate behavior” on movie sets, while promoting films, and at Morgan Freeman’s production company. https://t.co/YXsdVGuwi4
The bill that President Trump signed Thursday marks one of the most significant rewrites of financial industry rules in nearly a decade. https://t.co/cj7j2ebUZ0
Apparently South Korea and Japan are ready too. https://t.co/FOoajky4RA
On Thursday, the Senate finally reached an agreement and passed a bill on voice vote to curtail sexual harassment on Capitol Hill. https://t.co/j9yeckRtWE
Black women and activists are eager to build political power in black communities. And they’re just getting started. https://t.co/eJPkIeafpi
Yes, you can still buy the Trump-Kim Jong Un commemorative coin https://t.co/6rjOJPat6S
Pompeo says North Korea had stopped responding to communications in recent days https://t.co/a2FnTqaXS9
Why Donald Trump is posthumously pardoning the first African-American heavyweight champion of the world https://t.co/j5PRiur2nC
President Donald Trump just canceled a planned nuclear summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

We answered your most basic questions about how we got here, and where we're likely headed: https://t.co/kgzDeoAWND
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