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Concussions are a serious risk for any athlete. But one sport sees a stunning number of reported concussions each year – women’s ice hockey:
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A confounding case in Baltimore shows just how far prosecutors will go to keep a win on the books. https://t.co/8UTXKq7g7A
Why the women's free skate event of the Olympics is going to be a particularly fascinating nail-biter. https://t.co/lO0YvAi7Z5
Set deep in the ‘90s at a high school in Boring, Oregon, Everything Sucks! seems designed for nostalgic millennials. https://t.co/Qi2D7Xhg5L
The data hints the Florida school shooting survivors are successfully keeping our attention on gun control. https://t.co/uvuss1jS7S
Trump used crib notes at White House listening session on school shootings https://t.co/tgYDuqH7hK
President Trump now supports two specific gun policies: https://t.co/9s5445cxLk
”The Lent challenge is about raising our awareness of how much we rely on single-use plastics and challenging ourselves to see where we can reduce that use." https://t.co/whk4YeVpPk
How putting stuff in boxes and those boxes on boats completely transformed our economy.
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From November 2017 through January 2018, a crisis hotline run by Puerto Rico's Department of Health received 3,050 calls from people who said they had attempted suicide.

That's an astounding 246% increase compared to the same time last year. https://t.co/9v9RRnA1rA
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