Paris Fashion Week

A look at where all the excitement happens during Paris Fashion Week: backstage.

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Paris Fashion Week

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So the EU scheme that many attacked Britain for not participating in has yet to produce new ventilators. And might not for some time. New ventilators for EU will take time, commission says

Number of heart attacks mysteriously plummets, imagine that ...

Linda Tripp has passed away.  RIP.   And may your family find peace.

1. You knew Obama, ever the opportunist, would appear for the political purpose of attacking the president.

2. Let me suggest that Obama, who was way over his head as president, would have screwed up royally this colossal undertaking.  We can thank the good Lord he's busy monetizing his former president status. 

Is the approach worse than the disease?  Another top Yale expert questioned data and death rate.

Dr. Birx: all death regardless of primary cause classified as corona deaths

Those pesky professional footballers, donating millions to the NHS while simultaneously paying £1bn into the exchequer. Looking forward to you @Peston , asking the Barclay Brothers who you work for, to do the same. I'll wait.

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