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Vivian Schiller

Currently with Civil Foundation. Scott Trust. Strategic advisor to @craignewmark. Former @Twitter, @NBCNews, @NPR, @NYTimes, @Discovery, @CNN, @Webershandwick

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I'm seeing the conversation about Ito veer off course a bit this morning. Don't get me wrong - Ito MUST go, but I'm seeing some false conclusion being drawn 1) about MIT @medialab  and 2) how philanthropy works, or at least how it's supposed to work. 1/

@pilhofer  @jeffjarvisthe  surprising thing is so many exec have been fired (or "resigned ") for much less than this. I'm surprised he's still there. I have no doubt he'd like to make amends but that's kinda not how it works. MIT, Knight others showing full support.

- what is your stake in the fund and what percentage of your income does this represent?

MIT Media Lab staffer re Epstein's visit with his "assistants": "They were models. Eastern European, definitely...We literally had a conversation about how, on the off chance that they’re not there by choice, we could maybe help them.”

he's on the NYT board of directors. Serves on the audit committee as well.

also on the BoD for the MacArthur Foundation and the Knight Foundation. Still

@medialab  @EthanZU  @dkroynfortunately , my head of fundraising met with them at a restaurant and got caught on hidden camera courting them saying some dumb things. He was fired. And then so was I. So that's how seriously fundraising is taken in most place. 8/8

"Women recalled sharing protective tips w/colleagues. If you’re alone with Harvey, sit in an armchair, not on a sofa, so he can’t slide in next to you. Put on bulky coats. One young producer even wore 2 pairs of tights as a deterrent, but it wasn’t enough"

How do you know you're in New Orleans? When your taxi driver from the airport is named Beauchant. #ona19 


“I will get Putin on this program and we will get Donald elected,” (Felix) Sater emailed (Michael) Cohen. “Buddy our boy can become President of the USA and we can engineer it. I will get all of Putins [sic] team to buy in on this.”

This is BIG BIG deal and significant threat to journalism in the UK

The journalistic spirit is alive and well at the @TwitterNYC  office....

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If you love hilariously nasty take downs of expensive restaurants by food critics (as I do) this one's for you

If you'd like to support and the brave work of the , here is a link to thier crowdfunding for legal fees. Please support the battle for press freedom in the Philippines. .

Fascinating data on shifts in dig news in past year. Far right belies conventional wisdom. Check out growth of !

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Extraordinary editorial from @washingtonpost  re Trump. Share this with everyone you know, and don't know.

There is one clear & certain truth out of Thiel/Gawker: news orgs need to double down on coverage of Silicon Valley & its power brokers.

"I have also spoken with CNN executives who defended Isgur's appointment" Why are no executives willing to defend their own hiring on the record? This is a news org hiring a news executive, and they need anonymity?

"Corporation for Public Broadcasting would be privatized, while NEA and NEH would be eliminated entirely"