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Dear America, Can you please outsource this entire election process to India? The Election Commission could handle it very efficiently and with much less stress.

For states saying "This is our oxygen" - what would happen if Maharashtra said "This is our vaccine" and prevented the movement of Covishield from the Serum Institute in Pune? This is the path to complete breakdown.

@nairsameer  @TutejajoginderB  @SonyLIVi  @TheAmitSadhn  @DarshanKumaarg  @Madhurimmatulie  @NeerajKabi1  @ApplauseSocialwatched  it in two sittings, ! Reall@nairsameery , really good - and your cast was fantastic. When is the next edition??

#HappyJanmashtami to each of you. May the blessings of #LordKrishna  ensure that you stay happy, stay peaceful and stay safe!

Yet another reason to move vaccinations into warp speed mode and accelerate the pace BEYOND what is today considered feasible. The more the infections, the higher the likelihood of mutations that could negate all progress.

With so much death and misery around us, I'm really struggling to get myself to care about the West Bengal elections... or the #ExitPolls 

Tweet your Qs to @editorji  or me using #AskTheDoctor . Dr @ArvinderSoin  joins us today on @editorji- @TwitterIndia's special #Covid19IndiaHelp  initiative Twitter Dialogues. Get medical advice from top #COVID19  specialists & doctors worldwide here


An army man told me: generations of Nepalis have given their lives for the Indian army. It's time to honour that debt of blood.

My first big coverage - I came to Davos in 1992 with Prime Minister Narasimha Rao. India was totally ignored then and treated as unimportant. From there to the opening plenary in 2018. India has come a long way! We should feel proud!

Here is an Independence Day wishlist: #Freedom  from yelling and shouting on TV from fake news from hate TV to get news not just views I think many of you would agree!

If Prannoy being raided for "allegedly causing a loss to a pvt bank", what about those sitting on billions in public sector bank NPAs?

Disgraceful propaganda video. Absolutely disgraceful. Please don’t telecast, don’t share, don’t view.

First direct impact of the PM's speech - some news channels have suddenly realised that lynchings have been taking place.

The duty of a free media is to question and to report. If the price is harassment and attempted intimidation then so be it.

Jantar Mantar. Lots of young people have turned up to condemn lynchings. Good sign for the future! #NotInMyName 

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