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The creator of Dear White People sat down with us to tell us how he’d run a nation if he had the chance.
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That's #VICENewsTonight for Thursday, December 13. Tune in tomorrow on @HBO at 7:30 PM and 11PM EDT for an episode of #VICEonHBO, and watch anytime on the @HBOGOhelpGOhel@hbonowp and https://t.co/pO0JO88eh1 apps
.@AndersonPaak gives us his take on the latest hits #VICENewsTonight
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William Harder owns one of the largest collections of murderer artwork and memorabilia in the world. He also runs an auction website where he brokers sales of other so-called murderabilia collectibles. #VICENewsTonight
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Julius Scott has a new book called "The Common Wind." It shows how enslaved people in the Caribbean secretly communicated with each other to resist and sometimes escape, their captors. But the book isn’t actually new. He wrote it as his PhD dissertation—in 1986 #VICENewsTonight
Theresa May is pleading for concessions as her Brexit deal hangs in the balance. The problem? Northern Ireland. #VICENewsTonight
At least 85,000 children under the age of 5 may have died as a consequence of extreme hunger or disease since the Saudi-led coalition began its offensive in Yemen almost four years ago. Half the population is completely reliant on aid for survival. #VICENewsTonight
We spent the day with one doctor in one of Yemen's poorest districts where at least one in six children is severely malnourished.

Watch our full report on #VICENewsTonight at 7:30PM EST on @HBO.
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NEW: Senate votes to end U.S. support of Yemen war and unanimously condemns murder of Khashoggi https://t.co/8lTjvN2k32
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