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Latest Scoops

VICE News traveled to Denver to watch three gun control activists attempt to pass gun restrictions in a limited window https://t.co/0Uo8kYml6y
As the world's first vegan soccer team, the Forest Green Rovers traded the classic soccer fodder of meat pies and pints for soy milk and an entirely vegan menu https://t.co/6KmXzTxcD6
Do you like video games? Do you like trains? How about both? https://t.co/YzjKd3OOkw
Jakarta is sinking — and it’s sinking fast https://t.co/TE5d8Nd96c
A record-shattering number of women are running for governor this year https://t.co/kBfBaAd7R9
The ivory trade in the U.S. is estimated to be a $23 billion dollar industry — and New York City is its hub https://t.co/fRCyXQhRZz
There's definitely *not* a reason that we are posting this video today, April 20. Not at all.
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Some people say governments that don’t embrace blockchain technology today will end up like a hypothetical country that didn’t implement the internet in the 90s and 2000s: in the Stone Age #VICEonHBO.
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23-year-old Vitalik Buterim created the Ethereum blockchain. He’s the blockchain movement’s biggest celebrity, and even the central banks want to meet with him #VICEonHBO.
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Genesis mining owns the largest Ethereum mining facility in the world. We went inside their super secret “mine” in Iceland #VICEonHBO.
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