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The father of two Parkland school shooting survivors was shot dead in his own convenience store during an armed robbery earlier this week https://t.co/GwHYZrCXiD
In 47 states, anyone charged with murder can claim in court that they should be held less accountable for their actions because of their victim’s sexual orientation or gender identity https://t.co/Zav7nceXAF
More than 1,000 demonstrators, many wearing yarmulkes, gathered in Bonn, Germany, yesterday to protest the latest attack on a Jewish man https://t.co/dfQ9tz3Edy
India is threatening to sue WhatsApp over mob lynchings linked to fake news https://t.co/CI6WSeUGEg
The Trump administration asked 70 babies who can’t talk to make their case in immigration court https://t.co/h69aK97yy6
Everything we know about the fatal Missouri duck boat tragedy https://t.co/fBUbY8wYJN
Kim is shouting at factory bosses because sanctions are tanking his economy https://t.co/WYHpdP6Iyx
“Stop fingering me, bro”: Black man sues D.C. cop for invasive search https://t.co/T1Ijk1WT50
Kirstjen Nielsen on Charlottesville: “It’s not that one side is right and one side is wrong." https://t.co/q8gwbpURQZ
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