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The Georgia county court trying the alleged murderers of Ahmaud Arbery has mistakenly exposed potential jurors to suppressed evidence, including his mental health history, which a judge banned from the trial. #VWN 

The leader of the Haitian gang that kidnapped 17 members of a missionary group from Ohio threatened Thursday to “put a bullet in the heads of these Americans” if he doesn’t get the ransom he has demanded.

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Britney Spears’ dad was ousted from the conservatorship that's controlled the pop star’s life for 13 years, but the battle to #FreeBritney  isn't over. Spears still can't control her $60 million estate, and questions about the conservatorship's inner workings remain.

The discovery of more than 200 unmarked graves of Indigenous children at a former residential school in Canada exposed the horrific scale of abuses that took place inside the country’s residential school system. Now, the country is experiencing a reckoning.

From the raw physicality of bare-knuckle boxing in Madagascar to Afghanistan’s brutal national sport, Buzkashi, photojournalist Finbarr O’Reilly has captured unique moments of human pageantry, despair and celebration.

Taking care of your teeth means putting a ton of money where your mouth is.

Ikaria, a tiny island in the Aegean sea, is known as a blue zone, a special place where life expectancy is much higher than the rest of the world. We travel there to explore just what it is that makes the island so special.

Is the US at risk of a Roman Republic-style collapse? This historian says yes.


A group of young white men beat up a non-white protester in Minneapolis, disturbing video obtained by VICE News shows. Warning: this video is graphic.

21 things that President Trump says make a "bing" sound

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"My dad thinks the absolute hell we went through, where 9 of the victims were in our class, is a hoax..."

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EXCLUSIVE: Leaked notes from an internal Amazon meeting reveal that company executives discussed a plan to smear Christian Smalls, a warehouse employee who was fired after he led an employee walkout at a Staten Island distribution warehouse.

Robert L. Johnson, the founder of BET and America’s first Black billionaire, is pushing for a $14 trillion reparations proposal.

Brent Faiyaz broke the music industry taboo by showing us how much he makes and how.