jose marie viceral

jose marie viceral

Supermodel turned actress turned horse

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(2) I was told na the Hurados will talk and will come up with a statement after. They’re aware na madaming disappointed. I myself was shocked. And i would love to hear and respect what they would have to say. So lets just wait. Love u guys!

VICE x ANNE Movie (The Mall the Merrier) shoot today. Sorry you’ll miss me in Showtime. See you tomorrow!

work is life. sleep is lifer. freshness is lifest.

I was just reading the prompter. Not my mistake. Sorry still. #TNT3HulingTapatanDay5 

The prompter says announce 7’th and 8’th placer pero ang inabot sakin na envelope has the names of the contestants na pasok sa top 6. So ayun na steve harvey ako.

Pssssst! It’s Sunday. Calm down. You deserve to have some peace. Kahit once a week man lang. 😄

Tutoy keeps on winning!!!! 👏👏👏

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Dont just ignore them. Pray for them. Be compassionate even to your detractors.

4 awards and a new endorsement in 3 consecutive days!!!! woooooohoooooo!!!! Keep ‘em coming!!!


Big favor please! Tweet ur support to Rachel Peters and use #MissUniverse  #Philippines  . This will help her secure a spot. Pleassssseeee!

U dnt have to explain urself to everyone. Not everyone deserves your time. Not everyone will listen anyway. Dont stress. Keep moving.

Not everyone will like you. It’s ok. You don’t like everyone too anyway. That’s acceptable.

Sometimes you go to the wrong choices to get to the right place.

You should be with people who inspire you to do good , to be better and to be the best version of urself.