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Latest Scoops

A robot cut through a wall to pass on the Olympic torch in South Korea https://t.co/TX3vjZTiOE https://t.co/xCqAXdW2pj
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Next year’s Android phones will be able to capture 4K HDR video https://t.co/AkVamZNjp9
This device is an expert wine taster
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Google launches Star Wars augmented reality stickers for the Pixel and Pixel 2 https://t.co/Shb8brGdCZ
Net Neutrality is dead
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Explore ancient civilizations (and their diseases) in this delightful coloring book https://t.co/BfLAOo7zcH
Meet the unfortunate DJ who shares a name with the FCC’s Ajit Pai https://t.co/RBJ4VSGGVt
Democrats issue hearings on Disney’s bid to buy 21st Century Fox (via @Recode) https://t.co/P1LojBvXsN
Google just launched three new photography apps
https://t.co/Dk1I2Ifj6Q https://t.co/C0L3GUyeI2
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The Elecjet AnyWatt is a great but sketchy USB-C MacBook dongle https://t.co/7ScM0l5q5f
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