Black Thursday / Soldier / Boko Haram Yobe

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Black Thursday / Soldier / Boko Haram Yobe

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JUST POSTED: Trump claims the Bidens are corrupt & demands they release documents about their business activities. Here's a LONG list of Trump family financial mysteries/conflicts he still refuses to explain. Will he release the emails? Please like/RT.

This is why so many Trump supporters are optimistic he will get 4 more years - about 1,000 cars lined up for a @realDonaldTrump  parade from Seaford to Montauk - 60 miles!! Not campaign organized, just passionate voters.

I asked FL GOP @RepRooney  who would handle the Covid outbreak better: @JoeBiden  or @realDonaldTrump ? His answer: “I don't think there's any doubt that Vice President Biden has the right approach. And there's a lot of Republicans that would agree with that as well."

“If we couldn't control it very well during the summer, we are in for a big surprise.” Here’s how the coronavirus will be different in winter, according to virologist Juergen Richt, who tested Covid-19 on different surfaces. (Video via ) @tictoc 

A third more deaths occurring at home than before Covid in England

It's 15 days until the election and the media are still in the tank for Joe Biden.

“All of us are impacted by environmental hazard, but we see over and again how these issues disproportionately impact communities of color’ — Senate candidate Rev. Warnock explains how environmental danger is a race issue

Live coronavirus found on frozen food packaging in China

#EndSARS: Ortom Declares Support For Protesters, Reveals What Govt Must Do via @naijanews 

Some 1,000 people were ordered to evacuate a West London apartment building over safety concerns