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Host of News Day & Sunday Agenda on Sky News. Contributing Editor, The Australian. Professor of politics at UWA. Contact me at

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The great boat scare, but what goes around comes around: @australian #auspol
This is how our then PM described asylum seekers when trying to convince Donald Trump to take them. Now that Labor wants them to come here for medical treatment our now PM says they are rapists, child molesters and murderers 🤔 Square that circle ladies and gentlemen.... #auspol
In his phone call to Trump trying to convince the President to take our asylum seekers Turnbull told him we know everything there is to know about them, to allay concerns re security. But now suddenly we are told they are such a threat they can’t get medical treatment here 🤔
Longest question time during the shortest number of sitting days. Interesting double...
I can confirm that the government won’t oppose the motion on a royal commission into disabilities on Monday when parliament returns. #auspol
Announcing the opening of the Christmas Island detention centre in anticipation of more boat arrivals is only slightly less of a signal to people smugglers than sending them boats to use to start the trade again. #irresponsible
About to do radio national with @frankelly08 then Studio 10 after that. It’s all about asylum seekers today, with suggestions the medivac bill could fail back in the senate courtesy of a Hinch backflip. #auspol
I don’t want to lose my no thanks
Perhaps the biggest pull factor for more boat arrivals is the government saying these amendments will lead to more boat arrivals 🤔
The PM hopes this is his 2019 Tampa. Boy is he jumping all over it. We shall see.... #auspol

The Most Relevant

That Nats staffer who abused a journalist with foul language, also saying he hopes her family gets cancer: 1/ hasn't been sacked, 2/ is on PAID leave, 3/ gets a big payout if he stays until the election, 4/ the PM doesn't have the authority to force a sacking. What a joke...
Protesting is an important part of any democracy. While I often disagree with the issues being protested about, and the actions of some protestors, ministers & a PM saying protests aren't appropriate ways to voice opinions shows a profound lack of understanding about democracy.
So when Cormann, Fifield and Cash called a presser saying the numbers had moved against Turnbull that was only because of them. If they stayed PM had the numbers. THAT is their collective legacy....
Yet another conservative commentator today peddling the falsehood that any two doctors can decide who comes to Australia for medical treatment under the bill which goes to the House this week. That’s rubbish, as a simple read of the bill reveals.
I'm only just catching up on it right that the PM's "bus tour" of North Queensland involves him 1/ doing political fundraisers more often than community events, 2/ using the VIP aircraft to fly between destinations so he doesn't have to bus it? What a marketing disaster
I find it hilarious when climate change deniers demand equal airtime with climate change advocates. Given 99% of scientists say climate change is real I'm happy to give climate change deniers 1% of airtime. Anymore is disproportionate....
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