Cameron Carter / Lil Wayne Lauren London / Nipsey Hussle

Cameron Carter, son of Lil Wayne and Lauren London, describes seeing Nipsey Hussle in a dream after his death

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Cameron Carter / Lil Wayne Lauren London / Nipsey Hussle

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Damian Lillard on getting vaccinated: "I'm not mad at people who say they need to do their research. But I have a lot of people in my family that I spend time around. I'm just not going to put their lives in danger. As a kid, I had to get shots my whole life."

R. Kelly has been found guilty on all charges in a high-profile sex trafficking case. Here’s a timeline of the key events that led to this moment.

A herd of goats got loose in downtown Atlanta on Monday, leading to several funny clips from local residents being shared across social media. According to Atlanta police, the goats were reportedly being used to eat weeds at a nearby grocery store before staging an escape. 😂🐐

Gloria Allred, an attorney who represented three of R. Kelly's victims, says "of all the predators that I have pursued... Mr Kelly is the worst, a dangerous sexual predator"

As Democrats try to nail down the final details of their climate and social policy bill, @SenatorSinema  will hold a 45-minute fundraiser on Tuesday afternoon with five business PACs, representing organizations fiercely opposing the bill.

The notion that a $3.5 trillion bill is "cost-free" is only true if you think the government, like a pharaoh, actually owns all property. Otherwise, it's a giant redistributionist property seizure designed to entrench a few in power at the expense of those footing the bill.

President Biden’s massive spending bill will lead to 5.3 million job losses and $3.7 trillion in additional debt over the next 10 years, according to a study published by the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

R. Kelly found guilty on all charges of sex trafficking and racketeering in federal trial

So "climate change" ended up being (allegedly) a yoga instructor "shaman" w a lighter. Got it. "Forestry student-turned-shaman, 30, faces nine years in jail for 'starting California's Fawn Fire'; DA suspects she could be 'serial arsonist'"

JUST IN: UK has put the army on standby amid fuel supply crisis