Police have found a new tool in fighting crime: doorbell cameras

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Always On Display for OnePlus phones will arrive along with the OxygenOS 11 update

All Kindergarten Cops are Bastards

EXCLUSIVE | On the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, automaker is looking back at its history, which is intimately connected with the event and led to its challenger spirit and sense of community responsibility (“for humans, by humans”).

"A difficult lesson to learn: Your most persistent distractions will seem justified to you." – @JamesClear 

This is what will happen at schools except these folks have rigorous testing and rules and are quarantined. Get ready: 56 NFL players have tested positive for coronavirus since training camps opened, union says

Learn More About Cyberpunk 2077 On August 10 With New Night City Wire

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A new class of #botnets  could be used to manipulate energy markets via zombie armies of power-hungry #IoT  devices.

It's long been a cliche that universities are overwhelmingly "liberal" institutions. But, as @silkiestmaria  writes, the decisions university administrations are making to deal with the #COVID19  crisis tell a very different story.

UK reported to be ditching coronavirus contacts tracing in favor of 'risk rating' app by @riptari