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The first live results show of this #AmericasGotTalent  season saw a fan favorite learn his fate and a shocking result that upset judge Simon Cowell. Find out who went home and who made the finale:

After a nearly 60-year run in show business, Steve Martin is thinking about slowing things down.

Reflecting on how our body communicates with us is not something many of us do. Our body can give us insights into our relationships, work, friends, partners, boundaries, or, even, our preferences.

We suddenly have so many questions about what’s going to go down in ‘Westworld’ Season 5.

Convicted sex offender #RKelly  is due to face another federal jury trial this week. Why is he back in court? Short answer: he's been charged with similar crimes in separate cases in two federal courts and in two state courts. This is the second.

The gun used by Alec Baldwin in the fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of "Rust" could not have been fired "without a pull of the trigger," an FBI forensic report obtained by @USATODAY  concludes.

Florence Pugh and Zach Braff ended their relationship earlier this year 💔 — but they kept it quiet because of the barrage of media attention.

You may have heard of the Great Bruce@springsteen  Ticket Debacle. After a six-year Boss tour drought, tickets went on sale, and fans suddenly found themselves staring at $4,000 price tags. Born to sob! 🥲

Watching #SheHulkAttorneyAtLaw  is like "watching your favorite basketball team overshoot the buzzer beater by this 🤏🏾much" writes @klawls . Marvel's newest TV endeavor gets ⭐️⭐️1/2 out of 4.

Fans love the new Netflix military romance #PurpleHearts  (starring Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine), but there's been backlash, too.


Check out an exclusive #BlackPanther  deleted scene featuring a heated confrontation between married(!!!) couple Okoye () and W'Kabi (Daniel Kaluuya)

Album of the Year nominees: 'Awaken, My Love!' , 'Melodrama' , '4:44' JAY-Z (), 'DAMN.' , '24K Magic' #GRAMMYs 

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We have a @disneyplus  ✨EXCLUSIVE VIDEO FEATURE✨: Oscar Isaac is Marvel’s newest superhero who lives with mental illness in #MoonKnight  @moonknight  @MarvelStudios 

‘Folklore’ may be @taylorswift13 ’s best album yet. Our review:

Korean pop group #BTS  is releasing a new album ALREADY and the #BTSARMY  immediately got #7isComing  trending.

#BTS army, look what you did: The group makes history with No. 1 K-pop album #Billboard  @bts_bighit 

See these exclusive first photos of and 's characters (and some Disney princesses) in : #WreckItRalph2 

How did @lin_manuel  create #Hamilton ? Watch our exclusive trailer for the behind-the-scenes doc #HamiltonsAmerica :…

James Patterson, whose popular books have made him a staple on the @USATODAY  best selling books list for years, lamented white men struggling to find writing jobs in film, theater, TV and publishing industries as "just another form of racism."