Humphries / Gezzy / Wade / Cross / Daryl / Exeter

❣️ Humphries melting heats as he draws with Gezzy ? Wade defeating MVG ⚡ Cross turning up the voltage and chinning Daryl ? Exeter was brilliant! #Unibet180  #PremierLeagueDarts 

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Humphries / Gezzy / Wade / Cross / Daryl / Exeter

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Our rights don’t end where your feelings begin.

he's dead. but not before he killed his accuser. how was he let loose?

Today is a great day to register to vote. Seriously. Just do it. Right now.

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Thousands of protesters gathered in Beirut on Saturday, blaming a culture of corruption and negligence among the nation's ruling class for the deadly blast that killed more than 150 people and injured thousands more.

So hes destroying New York on purpose to buy at the cheap properties once the property value tanks?

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