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TYRA Beauty just launched Skincare. Tap that link so you can see.

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Your image and legacy will live on forever and ever. Just as you loved to carry a fan so fiercely, the fans you leave behind will carry you in their heart, always.
Mr. Lagerfeld, you gave this young, nervous and fresh off the plane 17 year old a spot on your Lagerfeld and Chanel runways her first season in Paris. Thank you for trusting a newbie with your genius creations. You are beyond a fashion icon.
Dang. @katyperry’s eyes are telling me so many fascinating and fierce stories as she gets lost in the lense of the camera. A master of the SMIZE. Oh, those brows - I brow down!
Monday is your friend, not your enemy!
Monday is your friend, not your enemy!
Fiercely going forward, but making time pause to Step Into My Light! 💛
Flashback to the 1998 @VH1 Fashion Awards! I got 98 problems, but a man ain’t one. #90s!
Throwing it back to this #Valentines feeling catwalk moment. ❤️💕❤️
Don’t have a Valentine today? Well, you’re all my valentine’s day boos!

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Meeting @BTS_twt is...

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Ok I’ll stop fangirling for @BTS_twt but first this pic...and more on my instagram tomorrow! #BBMAs
One word: LIFESIZE


2 words

How do you spell #GRAMMYs?


Auntie TyTy is SO proud of you fierce babes! 💜 #BTSARMY
Retweet to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the fierce RM!

We finally got our pic together! You are inspiring so many, and you’re bringing together the world with your music. Take it all in, and remember each and every life changing moment. 💜💛 Have a wonderful birthday, boo!

#BTSonAGT just happened and my wig is snatched! @BTS_twt is taking over the world!!!
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It’s true, give the best hugs!

Fun Fact: Moments before this, RM told me he was a fan of The Tyra Show, so he got extra hugs!! 💜💛💜

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What is accomplishing is amazing! First K-pop group in the Top 10!#Hot100 I spent the day jammin to as I go#FakeLovet ready for the premiere! The love I have for them & K-pop takin over the USA is real. Watch my homemade fierce music video scene & hair flip! #ARMY
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Congrats to my gorgeous next level fierce fellas of @BTS_twt on winning their #iHeartRadioMMVAs award tonight! **still a fangirl**
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