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again, trust your ideas ,be your biggest cheerleader and be smart about it cause fuck em

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Gun Owners Rally in Richmond . . . and the Predictions of Violence Look Like Panic via @jimgeraghty 

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While men painting their nails is nothing new—thanks to folks like David Bowie and Kurt Cobain—the men of today seem to have taken it up a notch.

Be silent or let thy words be worth more than silence. - Pythagoras

“Although this regulation has not yet been promulgated, it is still the most scientifically valid and consistent approach available to analyse whether foodstuffs may be misleading consumers, and if they carry claims but are in fact possibly detrimental ...

Seven Little Ways You Can Tell He Doesn't Love You...

The Most Daring Grammy Awards Fashion Looks of All Time

Kejriwal still waiting to file his nomination papers; AAP cries conspiracy #ITVideo  More videos: