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this is too real
this is too real


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This one too. Rachmaninov. I’ll stop now. https://t.co/huIrujeBw6
whoa is this real? I know milk banks and doner milk exists but this looks so...professional!
I hear thunder this morning and thought that it was someone’s glider opening for them to drop on top of me. I play #Fortnite too much #LArain
@MarenMorris @brandicarlile @Indigo_Girls @MissMargoPrice @PattyGMusic @ilovelucius @thesecretsister @brandiweekend danggg that is a legit lineup. location not too shabby either. also, this admat is awesome. basically, everything about this is awesome. 💪
I’ve seen too much footage of beaches just like this in the world ... probably not parts of the world that you and I tend to see, live near or even vacation by.... but many areas around… https://t.co/BcSx7Hl8d4
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