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I make lots of stuff on the Internet. Videos: http://youtube.com/tyleroakley Podcast: http://itunes.com/psychobabble Book: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1501117696

Latest Scoops

me after making eye contact with a boy: "so like what are we"
fuck you if you never appreciated this song when @MarinaDiamandis released it!! https://t.co/ZcRmDgWInh
wihhh, iinuhhh, ifeeedaaqreedyy
be safe have fun drink water chew gum hug boys be present enjoy the music good vibes only
@_black_belt_11 it was SO BONKERS to be able to go back!! and to speak to the entire student body & to announce a scholarship!! i mean what a dream honestly
@_theworstemily the tour was so much fun to film!! i actually filmed a VERY similar segment for snervous but it really didn't make the cut, so i was like BIIIIITCH i'mma do this for my own channel!!
@asubtleoakley they were SO PRECIOUS & my mom was so genuinely excited to have them all converted for her... she literally hadn't seen them in decades!!
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