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I make lots of stuff on the Internet. Videos: http://youtube.com/tyleroakley Podcast: http://itunes.com/psychobabble Book: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1501117696

Latest Scoops

this @LelandOfficial interview by @BAHjournalist is so, so great. he has written so many of your fav songs, & to hear the behind-the-scenes of those bops is a DELIGHT. witnessing a deserving friend ascend is one of life’s true treasures. https://t.co/xNgTKELx5Z
@JoeyGraceffa okay this still slaps https://t.co/NoGRvSRXjk
fuck it, it's time for christmas music, i'm not waiting any longer
last night, i was honored to receive the @HRC “Visibility Award” & share the stage with their other honoree, Andrea Jenkins - who made history as the first openly transgender black woman elected to public office in america. what a legend.

such an incredible night. 🌟
coming out is great, but do it on YOUR terms. #NationalComingOutDay is meant to encourage discussion & set a tone of acceptance, not put pressure on those not ready. <3
when someone asks you what day it is today, tell them it’s 34 days until the midterms
every body is a good body, sis
well, that is what they call me!!
went to a ‘mourning the end of summer’ funeral themed party last night, rip bitch!! ✨💀
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