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I make lots of stuff on the Internet. Videos: http://youtube.com/tyleroakley Podcast: http://itunes.com/psychobabble Book: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1501117696

Latest Scoops

what do you think is on your fav celebrity’s finsta
“...something’s different about you, you’re glowing!!” -friend, to me, when we meet up after i had chipotle for dinner
okay THIS matters
life’s best kept secret: most things you think matter don’t actually matter
what about medicinal
wait omg if everyone replies to a reply from this tweet with just the 🙌🏻 is it kinda like we’re doing the wave
here's this week's batch of https://t.co/U8kn0yOpsA videos with captions translated into other languages. thanks for doing this, viewers!! i appreciate you!!
up early editing this week's https://t.co/U8kn0yOpsA video!! it's a collab with two dweebs i've been friends with for years - they're not youtubers, but it's a silly little chatty video - coming tuesday!! 😼😽😸
i stan them!! but i also stan this entire category!!
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