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Latest Scoops

What does this mean for your follower count?

Most people will see a change of four followers or fewer; others with larger follower counts may experience a more significant drop.

Read more. 👇https://t.co/BNPFKU7iME

What are locked accounts?

When we see sudden changes in behavior, we lock accounts. We reach out to the owners of the accounts and unless they validate the account and reset their passwords, we keep them locked with no ability to log in.
We are committed to building trust and encouraging healthy conversation on Twitter.

Follower counts should be meaningful and accurate. We are removing locked accounts from follower counts.
Night mode: Off.
Sunglasses: On.
We endorse using Twitter for this purpose.
Is there anything worse than pretending to laugh at a Tweet you saw three days ago?
Retweets really transcend language.
Grocery shopping game just leveled up thanks to this Tweet.
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