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Andrew Lebovich

PhD candidate at Columbia, learning and writing about North Africa, the Sahel, and France. Visiting Fellow, European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR).

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One of the highlights for me of this morning's @ECFRParis  discussion of my new paper on Islam in Mali was the broad discussion from @Balfaumar @JMaireofficiel an @CelianMace  on the importance of history and diverse local contexts in trying to understand these issues.

It would actually be really good for an American historian (particularly one of the Constitution or Revolution) to annotate Barr’s awful partisan screed given before the FedSoc.

I’m hesitant to do any commentary on Trump’s weird hospital visit because of the baseless speculation Clinton was hit with. But has anyone ever heard of doing annual tests in phases? Like, has anyone ever done that, ever?

The real test of the access White House journalists seem so desperate to work for will be if anyone gets the real story on this Walter Reed visit.

Writing my dissertation while watching these hearings is going to be an interesting experience, to say the least.

Something that happens to me almost every time I’m in France is a Parisian talks about how stressful Paris is, and how it must be so much better to live in New York.

So Sondland says there was a clear quid pro quo, while Volker testified just yesterday that he didn't know it was a quid pro quo. I wonder if he'll want to revise his statements.


Paul Ryan is going to get a voicemail tonight that will just be John Boehner laughing.

Media reported endlessly on all the possible appearances of Clinton corruption, comparatively so little on Trump's very real corruption.

My new project with @ecfr ⁩ mapping and giving detailed bios of the armed groups active in the Sahel today.

Oh wow, Tulsi Gabbard went to Syria with two SSNP figures. Like, actual fascists.

1/? Based on media coverage thus far and Trump's business dealings after election, some thoughts on the future:

The horrors being perpetrated in Central Mali right now rival (and I think exceed) that of any other episodes in contemporary Malian history. And what Dogon militias did today in Bankass is worse than nearly anything jihadist groups have done in the region. Something to remember.

Now seems like a good time to find out whether or not Kavanaugh thinks a sitting president can be indicted.

...Ivanka Trump is going to get a security clearance? Excuse me?

I wrote for @ForeignPolicy  about the need to look deeper than the Islamic State and al-Qaeda in Niger: