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Tunku Varadarajan

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India is playing the bored and robotic cricket of a side for whom this game isn't such a big deal. #INDvPAK 

Who's going to be the first to blame Nehru... #INDvPAK 

So if this is the result of Dhoni's mentoring.... #INDvPAK 

Facebook Files: “Leadership is scared of being accused of bias.” Employees say politics is often at the center of decision making. via @WSJ 

Ms. Merkel’s admirers think of her as Europe’s moral center. Her record is more complex. | By @AStuttaford  via @WSJ 

Pakistan had never beaten India at a World Cup, by @ajarrodkimber 

New York Times Might Be One of Ford Foundation’s Neediest Cases, writes the excellent @IraStoll 


You can't call the place "केरल" and expect to win.

My brother in India faces criminal charges for reporting the news, writes @tunkuv  via @WSJ 

In Memoriam. My mother's beautiful house in Coorg, recently sold.

Dear @swapan55  : I trust you will speak out against the attempt by the UP police to intimidate my brother @svaradarajan  by the serving of papers on him that list numerous bogus charges. As a journalist yourself & a man of letters, you must stand up for a free press & free speech

I think I've just seen the worst movie ever... #Vivegam 

Note how "Indian variant" "UK variant," "Brazilian variant", etc. all variant pass without comment, yet "Chinese flu" was dubbed racist back in the Spring of 2020.

The Indian government is learning that jugaad doesn't combat Covid.

SOS *****Calling all journalists, institutes & organisations that value press freedom & oppose the suppression of speech by state officials to rally to the defense of @svaradarajan , editor of @thewire_in . He is being targeted by officials in the service of @myogiadityanath *****

I'm no fan of China's govt. God knows I loathe the despots in Peking. But when the virus became hard to contain in Wuhan, they focused on building new hospitals 24/7. In India, under a worse pandemic, the govt. is building - with almost un-Indian speed - a vast new house for Modi

I suspect there will be a "reset" in India's relations with the US as a result of Biden's vaccine-export decision. India won't see it as another country also exercising its 'right' to safeguard its own people first. The US failed to handle this request with observable humanity.