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Love you, bb! https://t.co/gTiqtOBf03 @mishacollins
Love you, bb! https://t.co/gTiqtOBf03 @mishacollins


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Kiki, do you love me?

In My Feelings - Drake Cover | Full video: https://t.co/xSwVb0gziN
• @Drake • #InMyFeelingsChallenge
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"When women make more, couples hide it" - Doesn't matter the sex of the person making the most money, what matters is that you're both happy/doing what you love.
Shout out to @Shade45 @DJTONYTOUCH for rocking my new track. “Dont Need You” feat @hopsin Now available on all platforms. “Yuck Fou” album drops next week 7/27.
Thanks for the love
Be thankful for what you have. You have no idea how many people would love to have what you've got.
We're looking for delicious summer dishes to feature on "Food We Love" with @LindaYuABC7 and we want to hear from YOU! Details: https://t.co/klhfJqTbpU
You'll probably want to take a look at Love Island’s Dani Dyer in upcoming thriller Heckle https://t.co/RbNrAFURmE
Woah! What is this?! Jazz funk? I Love It!! - It's a World Before You (feat. Dego) by Kaidi Tatham
Happy birthday, @IMKristenBell! I love it every time you give me a ring.
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@CaseyNeistat Casey. Your running is garbage. I haven’t wanted to tell you but all of us are really disappointed and concerned about your times and speeds. We love you. Please work on it. 🙏🏻
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