Loyalty hard to come by hold on to it tight.

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Suit up Spartan. It’s time to become the ultimate super soldier. ​ Team up in competitive arena and big team battle - #PlayDayOne  on PC, console, and cloud with @XboxGamePass : I #XboxBethesda  #Halo 

BTS footage of Megan Thee Stallion’s “Thot Shit” music video 😂😂

Do you have what it takes to survive? ​ The thrilling co-op first person shooter @back4blood  is coming and you can #PlayDayOne  with @XboxGamePass : | #XboxBethesda 

He’s studied the skills. Here comes the test. ​ Continue Raz’s epic journey in Psychonauts 2 and #PlayDayOne  on PC, console, and cloud with @XboxGamePass : | #XboxBethesda 

#LeftRightCentre | “There is a lot of stigma associated with Covid deaths. If a person dies, it is difficult for the loved ones to report it as a Covid-related death”: Dr Tanmay Mahapatra, Public Health Expert, on undercounting of #COVID19  deaths

More suspects, more good times. 15 player lobbies are coming on June 15 on all available platforms (including @XboxGamePassPC ). ​ Plus @AmongUsGame  is coming to @XboxGamePass  on console and cloud later this year: | #XboxBethesda 

#WeThePeople | “There is surely a gap between men and women being vaccinated in India. In yesterday’s figures, there is a gap of 1.7 crores”: Dr Geeta Punhani, Associate Professor, University of Delhi, on gender gap in India’s vaccination drive #COVID19 

How would proposed $1.2 trillion infrastructure package be paid for? Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) says “there won't be a gas tax increase & we won't be undoing the 2017 tax reform bill,” citing plan to repurpose unspent COVID funding & implement infrastructure financing authority.