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Thank you @JaniceDean ! 🙂
#ICYMI A top Democratic Lawmaker says it’s SEXIST to bash #NancyPelosi – what?! This has NOTHING to do with gender! This has EVERYTHING to do with her FAILED leadership and her FAILED policies!
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#ICYMI Guess who #HillaryClinton is now blaming for her EPIC loss? WOMEN! She somehow thinks women can’t think independently? And that women basically voted the way their husband voted! WHAT?! How insulting!
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My grandmother loved this song and played it all year long on her record player. Thank you, Tom!
And she you, Lisa! Thanks for taking the time out of your day
Should #AndrewMcCabe be fired?! He was EXTREMELY UNETHICAL when it came to the #HillaryClinton email probe and there is a CLEAR conflict of interest. His wife received political donations from a CLINTON ally!
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#ICYMI: My daughter Alexandra explains why she’s a Girl Scout and all the GREAT life lessons she’s been learning. I’m so proud of you, Alexandra!
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Investors shaking off trade war fears + Sessions weighing McCabe’s firing - Details at 2pm ET on @FoxBusiness
THANK YOU, @JaniceDean ! You are so kind ❤️
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