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I’m beginning to worry our country is becoming ungovernable. Too many special interests/lobbyists our founding fathers never anticipated.
It’s a little odd that repubs r trying to pick the winners & losers in this economy and that #Rubio is attempting a kind of welfare program.
But NO income tax @jbarro. If the Govt is giving u $$ when you pay no income tax, that’s welfare. And we need to get the country on its feethttps://t.co/CeCM31DqSi
Those that pay NO taxes, get yet ANOTHER break. This time from #Rubio #Swamp The Washington Post https://t.co/8nJfkInZAc
Nice. #SarahHuckabeeSanders knows how to play nice (unlike others.) Go @PressSec
WH secretary ends #PieGate

This is truly pathetic. PE Fat Cats like #SteveSchwarzman make $425 MILLION yet get taxed LESS than a cop working for NYPD!? #DrainTheSwamphttps://t.co/qdrUvQSSTT
Thanks, Patricia - and you’re right. Childhood and education has a huge impact on everyone’s future
Thank you, James, for yet another wonderful birthday! I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have met you.
Breaking: Fed hikes rates by 1/4 point and is on track for 3 rate hikes despite no inflation.
It’s FED DAY! Join us on @FoxBusiness for special coverage from 2-3pm E.
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