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POTUS had an opportunity to look #Putin in the eye and say ‘you are NOT going to mess with us again!’ But he didn’t. He should have defended us. He should have defended his own intelligence community, or he shouldn’t have taken the meeting!
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Unpatriotic. Don’t let a bully bully you on the international stage. POTUS should have defended us.
.@gen_jackkeane on what #POTUS should’ve said to #Putin: “If you meddle in the '18 or '20 election as you have done in '16, not only am I going to slap the toughest sanctions on you that I possibly can, but I will tell you the relationship btwn you and me is over at that point!"
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I don’t get it.
Tune into #TrishIntel NOW – reax from @gen_jackkeane on @POTUS + #Putin summit + my intel on the horrible performance from our President today
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Horrible performance from our President today. pretty ugly when u give a pass to a nation that is undermining our democracy. #disappointed
#ICYMI They may not like this President. They may not like his politics or how he stands on issues. They may not like a conservative interpretation of the #Constitution, but guess what? They’re going to have to deal with it because Donald Trump won the election.
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Good luck with it Chip! Keep everyone happy and loving it.
#ICYMI Every single one of us approaches our day with an inherent bias including those at the FBI. Just admit it.
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.@DougWead on the new Russia indictments: “[The DOJ] is a separate branch of government and they don’t answer to any oversight. Now they’ve got their own foreign policy- a few days before [Trump's] meeting with Putin, they preempt it with this announcement.”
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