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.@gen_jackkeane on Chinese #TradeWar:“The Chinese have been bullying countries…Not a single country has EVER pushed back until @POTUS decided that this is unfair to the American people, it’s hurting American businesses, it’s hurting our way of life and we’re going to push back!”
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Last time I checked, you were innocent until proven guilty. They are automatically putting blame on him. In a fair world, shouldn’t both sides be heard? #KavanaughAccusation
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Tune into #TrishIntel NOW- the latest on Rod Rosenstein’s possible resignation + @POTUS speaks at the @UN
Paul Dietrich
If we tar & feather someone based on unproven allegations, what kind of world are we living in?
Thank you, @MorganOrtagus !
@MariaBartiromo @FoxBusiness Thank you @MariaBartiromo - one of the very kindest and smartest women in all of television. A woman I am proud to have as a friend. Xo
Thank you, Nick!!
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