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Descartes' last words: I think not.

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ICYMI: Trump personally used the power of his office to prevent the FBI from moving to the burbs and making room for a luxury hotel to compete with his, costing taxpayers over $100M. That gross abuse of power sure looks like a high Crime & Misdemeanor.

.@SteveSchmidtSES just outdid himself on @NicolleDWallace when he visualized the progression of Oval Office occupants culminating in Trump and said”That may be the single best refutation of the theory of evolution ever presented.”
A right-wing training camp to prepare and train law clerks for their service in the chambers of right-wing judges makes a mockery of judicial independence

Regimes that sever the fingers of their critics rather than welcoming the wisdom that rises from their keyboards soil the path of humankind. Those who behead their opposition are to be despised. May they vanish from this earth.

Good ideas from @RepSwalwell. If Dems take both H and S in Nov 2018 (unlikely), Trump’s veto of this anti-corruption measure will hurt him politically in 2020. We need to get over the idea that only veto-proof laws are worth fighting for

So much is broken. The rise of Trump is just one of many symptoms.

Stephanie Clifford (aka Stormy Daniels) got Trump’s goat, as it were, by calling him “Tiny” and noting his “shortcomings.” To his “horseface” retort, she whipped out a “bestiality” riposte. I’d say the man has met his match — and then some.

Don’t read this if you’re squeamish.

Trump is now comparing Saudi Prince MBS to Justice Kavanaugh, saying both were wrongly presumed guilty. I can’t imagine Kavanaugh finding that particularly flattering. Either way, it’s idiotic beyond words.
Trump is basically on the take. It seems clear that he’s in the pocket of the Saudi Prince and of Vlad the Impaler at the same time. He’s adept at cheating on lots of people simultaneously, and now he’s cheating on 325 million of us at once.

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