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.@RuthMarcus is 100% right that Trump’s move to shift the #StormyDaniels suit to federal court is DUMB and shouldn’t trouble @StormyDaniels in the least. If Trump’s countersuit survives a motion to dismiss (unlikely), it’ll expose @realDonaldTrump to DISCOVERY‼️
Tonight’s cruel and unwarranted firing of #AndrewMcCabe will boomerang against its evil architects. His statement tonight is dynamite. Even if the IG’s report was right, McCabe’s firing was part of Trump’s effort to undermine Mueller and thereby obstruct justice.
Sessions has fired McCabe to strip him of the automatic pension he would’ve received had he been allowed to stay on till his birthday the day after tomorrow. His offense was leaking some Clinton-related info in 2016 and not being forthright about it. Vindictive hypocrisy by Trump
Robert Mueller Is Not a Superhero https://t.co/rDubpqGVzX
Baby elephants are the best.
.@MichaelAvenatti just alleged on @Morning_Joe that @StormyDaniels was PHYSICALLY THREATENED, seemingly in connection with the effort to ensure her silence — either on the eve of the 2016 election or perhaps more recently. Lots of questions here, but it could be momentous.
Rachel @maddow revealed tonight that the only sanctions Trump has (finally!) imposed on Russia are minor restrictions on . . . wait for it: the 13 Russians whom Mueller has ALREADY indicted! NOW let Trump try to say that Mueller’s on a witch hunt!
The Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee report that they have evidence showing the Trump Organization was actively negotiating a business deal during the campaign with a Russian bank that U.S. law made it a crime to deal with. Mueller’s subpoena will nail that down.
BREAKING NEWS: The Trump administration today announced that Russia has successfully launched a cyberattack on our nuclear power grid, has compromised the grid, and can shut it down at will. This is on top of what Russia did to our election. We are under attack by a hostile power
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