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Today is the fifth anniversary of the tragic massacre at Sandy Hook. Congress has done not a single thing to reduce gun violence in the intervening five years. Over 168,000 people have been killed by guns in America during that time.
When will Alabama’s Secretary of State & Roy Moore read the state’s law on federal elections (eg for US Senate) correctly? The law triggers a recount at state expense if the winning margin is under 0.5 % but forbids recount if (as here) the margin is larger. Moore says otherwise
17 yrs ago today, Al Gore conceded the presidency to George W Bush, cementing the crucial tradition of peaceful transition between presidencies — even in unprecedented circumstances. Let’s hope Trump accedes to that tradition when his time is up — even by removal before 2020.
African-American turnout in Alabama on Dec 12, 2017 exceeded the record last set there when Obama was on the ticket in Nov 2008. That’s BIG.https://t.co/AWE0ZTiAZi
I really didn’t believe Jones would win. I’ve rarely been happier to have been wrong!
For Jones to win despite Alabama’s draconian photo ID law is even more remarkable than it would otherwise be. RT if you can feel the tide of history turning!
.@SteveSchmidtSES sees the deep connection between Trump’s dismissive treatment of his female accusers and his pretense that the whole “Russia thing” is a hoax: he’s a dictator-wannabe whose idea of truth is whatever he wants people to believe.
I’m Not Convinced Franken Should Quit via @NYTimes https://t.co/KKuS1ZrXW8
The crescendo of baseless claims that Mueller & the FBI are biased and corrupt is rising at an alarming pace. It’s easy to see the plan to discredit the Special Counsel in advance of his windup — if not to sack him outright. RT if you want to add your voice to those pushing back.
Worse than the 18-minute gap on that infamous Nixon tape — but in today’s alt-facts environment, I fear it might not matter.
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