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They’re either using you, helping you, or watching you


Dear Jerry Jones:

On behalf of everyone, we're sorry. You were right. We we were wrong.

Everyone who ripped the Amari Cooper trade (aka everyone)

How do you like the @bam_merch silver snake ring?
What did you miss in yesterday's #LaLiga 🇪🇸 action?

🏟️ Real Madrid up to 4th after win
🏟️ 4-4 draw between Eibar and Levante
🏟️ Valladolid move up four spots
🏟️ Real Betis move into the top half

Highlights 🔗 https://t.co/MTgdqKeyI7
“You know things are fruity & bumpy when you’re into double figures on your advent calendar and you’re not sure who will be Prime Minister at Christmas”
on @ChrisMasonBBC thi#BBCbreakfasts morning 🎄
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No matter who you're buying for, you'll find what you need in this guide.

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First things first. Believe in you!
UK first leg complete. 8 sold out shows, thank you all for your support.

Can’t wait for January now! Scoop up your tickets https://t.co/9aMvQ0aoqc 💙
📷: @tompullenphoto
My daughter and family celebrating in Utah the @VegasHockeyNHL big win tonight you guys looking good “Go Knights Go”#Family
Play Supa 5 today, it takes 5 numbers in 10 minutes to turn your bet of Ksh 1000 bob to Ksh 10,000,000. Tuma bet yako kwa Paybill number 299 555. Kwenye Account Name, weka namba zako 5 za bahati na neno MAISHA and in the next 10 Minutes you could be lucky winner. #SUPA @Supa5ke
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