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No chance Dame isn’t getting behind the line on the step back in that situation. None. — @CHold 

You knew after Dame hit that tough three in front of Curry that everything else going up with just a little daylight was cash — @CHold 

Dame drawing a double team at the Warriors free throw line... — @CHold 

Dame with a increasingly rare wrist reference. Didn’t tap, but he at least checked the time. — @CHold 

Dame with 57 on a double clutch three. — @CHold 

This was the start of a stretch of games in which guys kept taking knees square to the midsection. Also, look at Tristan checking whether he got the shot for the slo-mo. — @CHold 

Shoutout to 🐴 for the clutch free throws. Also, I guess there’s an otter emoji now 🦦 — @CHold 

That’s the record for @Dame_Lillard  and W. Thanks for watching, and make sure to keep your social distancing game strong. The better we do, the sooner we’ll all be back. — @CHold 

This Damian Lillard fellow is pretty good. Take a look at highlights from his career-high & franchise record 61-points presented by @McDonalds .